ok im getting irritated. my dreams are being difficult.

The other day i took a nap and did Wild and then RC and got lucid, i got up and had trouble opening my eyes, tried to and even tried to command them to open but couldnt, false awakened into same dream, RC same thing but now hard to breath, false awakened again and had a hard time again, tried to even change scenery to solidify the dream. Im irritated, this is not the first time this has happened. My dreams before have not only made it hard, but flat out shut my eyes and shoved me back down into bed to force me out of lucidity.
What can i do to fix this, every time i get lucid i dont even get out of the room because im trying to fix this stuff and solidify the dream. I have a ridiculously high level of consciousness in these dreams, so high that if i could get past this simple little debilitating issue i could get complete control of my dreams.

P.S. Please read full dream journal to get a better understanding of whats going on. This is a very limited description of what happened.
Dream 25 Lucid X 3. Frustrating.

I had this same problem with my last mid-afternoon WILD (just a few minutes ago. From my experience, it seems to be a problem with how deeply asleep I am at the time of the WILD.

The times it has happened (2 of 3 WILD), I opened my real eyes in bed and was awake. I then closed them and went back into the dream but still no sight.

I think for me I am not fully asleep when it happens and there is some lingering connection to my body, so I have been working on trying to deepen my sleep during the WILD. I would recommend trying to deepen your sleep before getting into the LD and see if that helps. Allow yourself to relax and try to fully form a dream before going lucid. You might fall into a non-lucid dream, but it could better trigger a fully eyes open experience.

If that doesn’t work, I have perfect sight when I have a DILD, so I tend to be enjoying those more right now. DILD is not as repeatable of an LD technique for me, but I am deeper asleep so they tend to give me more vivid and vision focused LD.

Even I want some good solution to this problem…

I mean, that feeling of having a heavy blanket over you is still fine…I keep pushing myself up the bed to get out of it, and even if at the cost of hard efforts, at least I can get out of the bed and enter the dream…But when the eyes are closed, I usually just look around from the corner of my left eye and just run around like a mad dog…And forcing them to open just brings me back to WR…

I hate when that happens…so close yet so far feeling :cry: