ok, this is wierd

(this actually happens to me very often) i was watching a T.V. show one day and and i saw a certain scene and i got a really wierd feeling that i HAD seen that scene somewhere before. i was certain, even though i had never seen that perticular episode of the show. this happens to me alot, i see something that i’ve never seen before in real life and I am certain i have! its sorta like a deja’ vu ( I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SPELL THAT, BUT YOU GET THE POINT ( : ) its kinda creepy, a lot of the time its something in real life.

-lucidjd :cool:

Well it probably is deja vu, it sounds like it.

Yeah I think everybody gets this atleast once in a while.

It’s normal for people to come upon that every so often, I think…

it’s often a sign that you’re low on sleep.

yeah happens to me too, for some reason i enjoy it.

Thats deja vu i get it all the time, i find it quite interesting and think thier is more behind it.

Lately i’ve been getting Deja vu in my dreams. Last night i was i a store and picked up some sort of bread stick, and got a feeling of deja vu. I usually don’t get deja vu IRL.

Alice i know the feeling i get it sometimes.

It’s possible you are like me and you have precog dreams where you see some things and then some time later you see it again IRL.

I have several things like this happen with books, sometimes new series on TV, places even photographs (taken just hours before i see them) and people i have never met before (at least in waking)

My most freakish out one (which i’ve posted on LD4all before) was one where during my 2nd job i went to the upstairs storeroom and realised that about 3/4yrs prior to working there i had had a dream where that room was concerned. Same wall paper etc, fire place, and a word written on the wall in what appeared to be written in coffee.

So that deffinately wasn’t Deja Vu

I read alot of books and one of the latest books i read was “Cerulean Sins” by Laurell k. Hamilton This is a new book (was at the time of reading) so no way i could have read it before but at some points i knew what whole paragraphs on the next page would be. It’s very freaky.

Yep, that’s déja vu. I think it has something to do with your memory or dream memory; I often have the feeling that I haven’t seen something before, but that I’ve dreamt it before. And then it’s like I’m back in the middle of a dream, and often do a number of RC’s to be sure. It’s really weird. Sometimes I have a whole day with a semi-deja-vu-ish feeling, without one ever actually occurring…

I think déja-vu’s are pretty fascinating. You can get scared from them, yeah, because it seems like the world around you is suddenly different… like you’re in a different place yet the same. I believe your heart rate increases and you might feel like time is stopping… at least that’s how it is for me. Sometimes you do get a feeling of being precognitive. I don’t know if you’re actually precognitive, or that it’s possible your long-memory has processed the information before the short-term memory has - making it seem like you’ve seen it before, when you’re just seeing it for the first time.

The brain really is fascinating, isn’t it? :smile:

another good reason for having a dream diary hehe. If it wasn’t for mine i would pass up alot of these experiences as Déja Vu. The ones were i have dreamt it really scare me sometimes.

I truely find them fascinating… Reading the posts got me wondering. While you’re having a deja vu your awareness increases alot…

Something like that…

Well what if an enlightened state means, to percieve the world constantly in that fashion? With that degree of awareness? :eek: wow

"or that it’s possible your long-memory has processed the information before the short-term memory has - making it seem like you’ve seen it before, when you’re just seeing it for the first time. "
I think it’s probably something like that

whenever i see a movie or something, after I walk out of the theater, it’ll hit me “i’ve seen that before”… but it never happens to me WHILE i’m watching it…

i think it’s something wrong with memory processing or something…

this recently happened to me with something but I don’t recall what… it happens all the time though.

the most recently example i can think of was the fight scene with agent smith in the matrix revolutions… it felt so familar.

Yeah there is actually a scientific explanation for most deja vu’s…sometimes when your body is processing information your eyes for example will process it first and then your ears and then anything else…but when the last proccess’s finish taking in the scene, you have really already seen/heard it depending on which happened first, so you feel it has happened before.

I really love deja vus though cos they confuse me, and they make me go dizzy!