Yeah, wouldnt it be romantic to defy society and quit school in order to pursue my dreams. My parents would send me to a mental institution.

I know what you mean. I also hate school and work. I’m hoping to go into a retreat for a while, then become a hermit in Nepal or wherever. If I do I’ll make sure that family/friends etc never know where I am. Then I can just live freely for the remaining decades. Society and myself have nothing to offer each other.

I’ll be liberated from worries about job/status/fashion/girlfriend etc, with only nature and dreams.

lol. on the bright side if you get locked up you can do as much dreaming as you like. And who knows maybe the drugs will help lucidity :wink:

Yeah,its not that hard to pretend being mad a little.and profits are convincing-free food,free shelter,lots of funny pills,and they like when you sleep there so you have all whats required to proper lds:)

hey dk2685 ? how would that be ‘romantic’ ??

i dont think he meant ‘love’ romantic…

what other way could he have ment it ?

im not certain but i think there is another definition for it meaning like um heres a defonition i jus looked up: marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized

yeah thats exactly what i meant. You’ve never heard that conotation?