Okay just a few questions WILD related and music/eye prolem?

Okay i already said in a diff topic my eyes after seeing what i think was a begining to hypnagogic state starting that white lite, my eyes began moving incredibly fast, faster than you could ever do while actually trying to do it. Though i wasnt scared and eventually it slowed a bit, but eventually my shoulder started hurting really really badly had to turn over and lost my focus, Okay im trying to WILD ld My question is this, if you can remember, the first time you successfully ld using wild how long did it take for you to finally step into your dream, cause once i was there for an hour it felt like and that was as far as i got… maybe im doing something wrong? Also im a techno fanatic and sometimes when im trying to focus ill be going 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming 3 im dreaming and a song or two will just be playing in my head… Is that a good thing that will help me keep concious or could that make me loose focus and ultimately fall asleep?

What you could try is listening to the music in your head. You know, focus. Might be better than counting.

Interesting… I tried to do a WILD last night for the first time… I remember lying there for AGES repeating constantly in my mind “I’m Dreaming”… eventually my eyes felt like they were shaking or something similar. This hit me with suprise because i’m new to this whole thing so as my eyes were “shaking” I may have opened my eye-lid a bit from suprise.

Anyway that didn’t seem to stop the event as my eyes kept going and oddly enough my body felt like it was being “pushed” backward. I wasn’t sure if it was me doing it because I wasn’t quite “sleeping”. At this time I didn’t know what to do, I worried I would fall off my bed at the same time lol so I felt as if I resisted a bit.

In the end… all I was seeing was “white”. Now I wasn’t sure if this was from my room or actually part of the WILD process but it seemed strange still. I made an attempt to “step” into my dream but it quite obviously to me failed.

With relevance to your experience mine seems a little different but the “white” part sounds similar to yours. I ended up opening my eyes just to process what happened and I tried again but I fell asleep as I felt like the first time I was perhaps trying “too” hard.

Any Pro WILDer’s here who could help myself and kaotix with doing WILD?

I’m in the same boat here.

I’ve tried WILD 4 times now. I’m not complaining though, as I’m aware it’s going to take me any length of time to nail this.

But, the question, how long did it take you you’re first time, is one I’d like to see answered too.

For a tech that seems to have worked for quite a few people, I’m gunna try this tonight!