okay, not falling asleep is getting anoying

i lie down, get to the state where my body is numb and i get the falling feeling, but thats it. i just lie awake until i cant take it anymore and have to move (im laying down for nearly an hour). it always takes me a long time to sleep unless i stay up for about 36 hours and get myself exausted. i really want to LD but all i get is black with maybe some weird color every now and then when im in the numb falling state. i need help…

ive looked at other topics but they dont really help much…

Well firstly, A positive attitude would help :happy: Just remember that it wont happen over night and that practice is needed.

I assume you are trying WILD? Maybe it isnt the right technique for you…

Take a look at this and maybe you can determine what is infact the best technique for you :smile:

Hope that link helps :smile: Keep positve!!! :happy: Goodluck :ok:

Hey, dude. Try out the Suneye method. You find a working link to it at the end of the BIG topic part 2, I think. This one will help you. I try it out tonight, too.

which big topic? theres 3…

downloads.fixato.co.uk/dreaming/ … Method.zip

All you have to read is actually Method 1, but you can look into the others, too.

I have problems finding the third eye, how do you know that you have found it? What does it look like with eyes closed? Thanks, anyone.

Hi Ledgem,

First of all, it could seem obvious but the most important thing in WILD is to fall asleep! Thus you need to be less concentrated. If you concentrate too much, you won’t fall asleep.

Did you look at the BIG WILD topic?

@Robin: please ask questions in the right threads. By the way, you’ll find the answer to your question in the BIG Suneye topic which is located in the Quest of Lucidity forum. I remember mystic made a little drawing about this.

im going to start a dream journal now to help get a LD. i remembered 2-3 dreams from last night (not sure if one of them was actualy 2). is that good?

could being annoyed of all the topics i see about people getting a LD while i want it badly but dont get it effect getting a LD?

i really want one but the only time i even fall asleep for WILD is when ive stayed up nearly two days and i just dont think mild would work, it takes me so long to sleep that i cant even imagine mild working.

as for WBTB, during weekends or holidays i go to bed around
3-5 am and wake up between 1-4 pm… it just happens when i have no school the next day. if its a friday i usualy end up staying up till 3-5 even if ive been up since 6:00 the previous day.

as for during school time i get little enough sleep as it is. i tend to stay up till midnight-1:00 am and wake up at 6-7:30 am. my sleep hours are always messed up…

ill stick to writing a journal and trying to WILD for a bit, anything to help my sleeping problem would be nice too.