Okay so this is getting frustrating

It’s been like two months now and ive had 3 lucid dreams that i didnt even try to intiate.

I do wild every time i get the chance, but i usually drift off or nothing happens.

Today, I got the farthest i ever went with wild, images were clear in my mind, but I felt the most dizzy i’ve ever been, it’s like I was collapsing in on my self. Actually it was quite cool :happy: but i opened my eyes involuntarily.

Is it normal to feel incredibly weird and heavy during this stage? I thought what I was feelig before were the vibes, but today when I tried it, I went far beyond that. I had a small dream that was kinda lucid (actually just now i remembered it, lol, guess I had some success). I remember wanting to dream it and controling what was in it. Sudddenly, the dream ended (it felt like snapping out of it, i suddenly started to hear the tv in my room) and I started to feel much more of my body, but this really intense vibration started, as I said it was like feeling really heavy and attached to the bed. It was kind of cool, but I woke up. I was not paralized, I moved all my limbs easily and got out of bed.

Why do we only feel this stuff when we want to? Why dont we get this when we fall to sleep normally?

Metabog it sounds like you are making great progress! :smile:

A lot of what you experienced is common with practicing WILD. You just have to ignore it and let go more.

Keep practicing and you will learn to feel your way through it.

Try not to get frustrated because that throws up a huge road block in front of you. If you find that you can’t let go of frustration then take a break for a week or two.

When you go to sleep normally you lose consciousness so you are not aware of it. With WILD you try to stay conscious through this transition state so you experience it and remember it.

Try a OBE when doing WILD stuff.

atleast you got a LD, wait, you got 3

i still haven’t gotten 1 yet and ive been trying for over 5 months.

the thingy with the feeling; when u realize you’Re dreaming as a beginner you think of all the possibilies and are overwhelmed - this way you can get kicked out of your dream cause you have too much brain activity and external sensory awakens -> therefore you wake up.
The trick is to stay calm, spin or rub your hands to stay IN the dream. Try not to get too overwhelmed.

Good luck :content:

I got the furthest every last night during WILD. One thing that stunned me is, usually i get so relaxed that my eyes actually open during relaxation. During WILD, i saw the darkened room, and thought ‘danm i got so relaxed that i opened my eyes’… Then i blinked to check, and realised that i didnt blink, i opened my eyes, and my HI was actually the room as it were before i went to bed. Sorta like a false-awakening, but more like a false-HI/WILD or something. So yeah, dont be tricked :smile:

Danm dude, those vibrations/being glued to the bed is EXACTLY what you want. Learn to recognise that. EVERY intense LD i’ve had, was a normal dream, that ‘ended’, then i hit those vibrations/glued/sinking feeling (OBE). I recognised that, and ‘went with the flow’ rather than going ‘omg!!’ and yeah. Wham. LD.

Ledgem - i’ve had ~3 proper lds in 2 years, dispite 30 reality checks/hr + subliminal messaging + hypnotic/lucidic induction + nightly wild + DJ… Patience is the key :smile: