Okay.. weird but i think it happened

I cant remember if this is something i was just thinking about… but the feeling was so strong, If i WAS sleeping, i remember either being in my bed or something, thinking about something, and then saying this is a dream, and then this is what i wonder, is this something anyone else has had? I had the scene change, it was a purple light that suddenly was engulfed by a white light, both came from a central point, as if you were looking down on a fountain and first purple then it slowly changed to pink then white, every shade in between, But i had this strong pulling sensation, i remember i THINK trying to feel myself in that dream but i dont remember anything after that…
My problem here is i dont remember if this was a dream or just something i did conciously as i was just layin down for being lazy.

Were you trying to WILD?
If so, you might be getting closer :ok:

Id like someone to tell me, did it sound like i was lucid? do you think this could have happened sometime during a dream? coudl it have been during waking hours i just was so tired i forgot i was awake? anyone had anything similar? im trying to get ideas here folks lol.

It was not a “dream”
you could call it HH

or astral projection, or clairvoyant vision, or an almost OBE.

Okay i have been misunderstood let me reiterate, I dont remember IF i was dreaming or just really tired but awake however, I beleive i was dreaming that i was laying in my bed, almost sure because there was something that didnt feel right, then i just said oh this is a dream, and THEN i got pulled on, my vision went from 3rd person seeing myself in the bed, to flash, then that pulling animation i described. it could have been my imagination wondering, However this is why i post it, i want to know if anyone else has done something similar.