Old dream journals.

I have been typing all of my old dream journals onto my computer and its interesting to note that I remember a lot of the imagery, in some cases, better than when I wrote them the first time.

Its true what they say about the brain not differentiating dream experience from waking experience. You retain those memories just as well a lot of the time.

That’s cool. I find that even after I’ve written my dreams down, when I tell them to my friend I’ll remember things or explain them in a way that I see something that I missed before. I think that’s kind of the same thing you’re saying? :eh:

Yes exactly. I had this one dream where I was with two people, male and female. In the journal I specifically noted that I didn’t know who the girl was but as I was typing I saw the dream in my mind and new who she was so I changed the digital entry. It kind of suprised me… these dreams are from when I was eighteen… almost ten years ago!

There are times that I remember something, but later figure it was only part of a dream, so I can see how dreams are remembered exactly like real life events.

It’s true, we dream our lives in our heads. The brain puts the information from the senses together in a steady dream we call (and agree upon) waking life. It’s no wonder the body doesn’t know the difference between dreaming and awake, imagining and experiencing.

Last week I had to ask my friend whether an event I remembered actually happened or if I had just dreamed it. Turned out it had happened and I just had 2 more dreams about it. Dreams being spliced into memories of reality is freaky.

Kind of… I’d like to get to the point where I am sort of dreaming all the time. I can see and hear dreams going on during and mingling with my waking life. :content: Might be a bit distracting but… who cares! I’m up for a little crazy. :wink:

I once read in a book that if you write main aspects of your dream onto a piece of paper and then keep it in your pocket and during the day go through it every once in a while, you will notice that the dream has changed, and this is because you dream when you are awake also. I think I have the book still so I will check it out later when I have time.