"Old Hag" dream

Hi I’m new. I’ve been checking out lucid dreaming for a couple days now and it sounds awesome. But I heard this one thing that freaks me out, and might scare me into not having a lucid dream. I read that sometimes you’ll see the “Old Hag” dream. It sounds really freaky and i dont know if i could handle that happening. Will that happen to me?

Well its mainly when you try WILD technich but its basicly when you wake up during REM (the time you have dreams) and you are still in SP making you paralysed. Also you are also in a low state of consiousness making it really hard to know whats happening and also it makes does images…
I myself have not experienced it and had no old hags yay

ok, i’m not gonna try the WILD tech then.

whta is the old hag??? everyone is talking about her, but no one actually pointed out what she is

I read that its when you wake up during REM and your paralysed. And since your half sleeping half awake you hallucinate or something and you see a dark and scary figure by you. You cant move or yell, all you can do is close your eyes and say its not real.

woa that sounds really creepy, i read about it in this one book, but i didnt know it was real :scared: javascript:emoticon(‘:scared:’)

Not everyone who tries WILD gets the Old Hag. I’ve tried WILD for awhile now, and no Old Hag syndrome for me…(I’ll probably have it happen to me tonight, knowing my luck)
Don’t be discouraged to try WILD, chances are you probably wont experience the Old Hag.

Also, most people who experience this report that they were sleeping on their backs at the time, so, you could try WILD on your side instead.

The sad part is that most people experience such dreams only because they read about it on the internet. But either way, it cannot hurt you in anyway and it is totally made up by your own mind. The thing is that it is all expected on what you expect to happen. If you expect some monster to come, then it will most likely will. But nothing can hurt you anyways, so no need to be afraid. If you expect good stuff, then good stuff happens.

You’re right. I too have heard of the old hag only on the internet.
The sad part is that ever since I’ve read about it, I’ve been expecting to see the old hag. Not just expecting, but even wanting to see it.
The old hag actually sounds like a great experience to me, but so far I haven’t had any luck with seeing it.
Maybe tonight :happy:

The thing about the old hag is, It’s a phenomenon of sleep paralysis. that is the condition, awareness during sleep paralysis. If you have the idea of an old hag in your head, you have a chance of seeing her. But I think that it’s not just a result of the idea being in your head. Aparently it goes way back, so much that there such a thing as “the old hag”. why not something else? Why is the hag so popular?

I read up on it more and yeah it appears to be more of a thing involving sleep paralysis. I think if you read about it and it happens is just the cause of you dreaming that sleep paralyisis is happening. And the true old hag is when your eyes open during REM and your paralysed. I mean, that one could be a dream about sleep paralysis or actual sleep paralysis. But thats just my idea.

I’ve never had a sleep paralyses in my life yet. I’m just worried it will happen. But i’m not gonna let it bother me. I want to have control over my dreams enough so that it wont stop me.

And your right it does go way back. In 8th grade I saw a video once that had a little part about nightmares. It didnt mention an “old hag” but a demon or demons. In old times. And recently on the history channel there was a thing about aliens. And abductions, which is now beleived to be caused by SP. It showed pictures of demons sitting on sleeping people and they said as society changed and people no longer believed in demons it changed to the most recent myth. Aliens.

i heard that you can kill her by sucking in her breath or something, if she trieds to steal your breath

Breath sucking!? :eek: That doesn’t make me feel any better. :scared:

the first time i saw thr old hag i was like 12 years old, and didnt knew what it was back then, so i freaked out, for me it is a big eyed open mouth monster, but when he apears i can control what he yells( the yelling is very disturbing ) I make him curse almost everytime, like “motherfucker” or “what the fuck”
It was only scary the first time.

The “Old Hag” is a transitional state experance. You are partly asleep and partly awake. When you are in this state, and you still are in, or are already in SP, then impressions and feelings from the dream state can manafest in this state. You can see where you are, and are aware that you can’t move, but you can still “see” in the dream world as well. It can be anything, but because of the SP, most people who don’t know what it is think that someone is there and controling them somehow. They think that is why they can’t move.
A few points about this:

  1. It is normal and has been happening as long as people have been sleeping.
  2. It is not directly related to LD. You can have this with ND’s.
  3. Lots of people never experance SP. If you never experace SP, then you will probably never experace this.
  4. WILD can cause you to expeance this even if you have never expeanced it normaly because in WILD you try to go through the transition from awake to sleep in a conscious state.

The old hag is scary, but only becuase the feeling of SP is a scary feeling, I have had SP every since i can remember, and Tomas
has already said it, if you can turn SP into a happy feeling or a feeling of excitement, then the old hag isn’t there instead it is what you see as happiness.

For me when I wake in SP i am happy cause i know that a lucid dream is just around the corner.

First you have to get use to the fact that everyone goes into SP at night (SP sole purpose is to keep us from living out our dreams this is why SP happens in the REM cycle of sleep) then you have to learn to control your feelings while in SP learn to relax close your eyes and breath, since the HI is very vivid and very powerful here you’ll see alot of diff. things but try to keep your thoughts happy, and don’t play with the HI just let them take form on their own, then before you know it, the HI turns into a dream, always do a RC when entering a dream fully aware.


The Old Hag is related to the SP TROUBLE. This sleep TROUBLE is likely to be due to the melotonin rate or narcolepsy. In some rare cases of the SP trouble, some people have strong hallucinations. In some rare cases of those hallucinations, they may see the Old Hag.

That’s the reason why many people on the forum talk about the old hag but very few people have seen her.