Old Hag Syndrome

I wanted to clarify this: with the Blessed water you have more than just your faith involved. There is the faith of the priest who blessed the water plus the congregation. So it could really be more effective. Don’t just sprinkle in the room - do that - but also put some water on yourself (on your forehead for example) to bless yourself.

I remember the words of Jesus when He said that some evil spirits need to be removed by fasting. As some posted, the source of this could be your mind itself but you never know - it could be something else.

Blessed water is water that has been blessed by a priest. Clark Kent may like to expand on this. :wiske:

Blessed water=holy water?

Yeah, holy water, blessed water. Should be the same.
But I guess ClarkKent is right. I guess you’d really need believing in it if you wanted it to help. Otherwise it’s not even worth trying it. But then… if you didn’t believe even a little bit, then you wouldn’t decide to try it in the first place, would you? Unless you were desperate maybe… Well you know… :wink:

“Some things are true whether you believe in them or not.”
Not that I’m arguing for holy water, I just love that quote and thought it appropriate. :peek:

I’m suprised no one mentioned this but, if you have a problem with Sleep Paralysis, its best to sleep on your side or stomach. A very large percentage of the time it will occur when you fall asleep face up. No problem for me though because I strangely find it impossible to sleep face up :content:

Yes I’ve read about that, but it doesn’t make much difference with me. I can get paralysed in any sleeping position. I normally sleep on the side (almost on my stomach) anyway.

I have mentioned this topic to my sister (she has had links with the spiritualist church), and this is what she said
wrap an imaginary cloak of protection rich blue or white, I have heard of this happening before
This should be quite easy to do if you are used to exercising control in your dreams.


Well thanks Moogle :wink:
PPl surely will try…to late 4 me i dont have them anymore…not that I complain lol… :cool:


An imaginary cloak will only work against something which is imaginary itself, however… :eh:

Real belief/faith is more powerful…

It’s the same. However with holy water, there is the faith of the priest involved too, as well as that of the congregation, so even if YOU don’t have that much faith (or none, or don’t believe in it), it probably still works… I can tell you this from experience - There’s a Mass during which you bring bottles of water and the water is blessed, for example. I’ve given this holy water to people who didn’t believe and it did work…

So why not give it a try? I mean, what will you lose?

Yes, nothing to loose.
So I should do that every night before I go to sleep (put some holy water on my forehead I mean)?
Hmm, I just have to get some holy water first…

Make the effort this weekend. Visit your local church, taking a bottle/container with you and ask the priest. He won’t bite :wiske: .

Try it once and see if you need to do it again… Then let us know…

Good advice! :content: