Old Hag Syndrome

I was really surprised when I read about the ‘old hag syndrome’. The way it was described and everything… that’s my dream exacly!. I told many people about this and noone knew anything about it, so I didn’t think other people have this too. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! :content:
And i agree, it’s very VERY scary! :cry: And what I hate most about it is that if I fall back asleep after I have this dream, I’ll dream this again! That’s why I sometimes get up at 6am already… :-((
Anyone else has this syndrome?

Could you expain what this ‘Old hag’ syndrome is? I’ve never heard of it before…


“Old hag syndrome” is when you have sleep paralysis (when you wake up from sleep and can’t move) with extreme hallucinations and a feeling of an evil presence.

Minako, if you know you’re going to have the dream again when you go back to sleep, then it will be very easy for you to become lucid. When you dream of whatever again, you can just say, “oh yeah, I’m dreaming!” then you can banish whatevers scaring you.

Yea Imagine’s right. There’s a small section about it and overcoming nightmares on this site, and there are books that explain in more detail (EWLD). I know this must be traumatizing because I have experienced how nightmares freak me out, and just today I been trapped inside my own body. My first LD and for no reason I just tried to wake up, but sleep paralisis is so unbelievably strong! My body threw me into a false awakening because of the effort I put in it.

I really do hope you get better!

Yes, but it’s very difficult to be lucid at that time. I’m very often lucid, I have no biger problems doing that, I’ve been doing it for years… but at that time I’m just so scared that I can’t do anything. And it would be better if those “darks shadows” would just be looking at me, but they’re touching my body and it kind of hurts… a very disgusting feeling. And I just have to lie there and wait till it’s over.
Maybe I could become lucid if I wasn’t so scared of that. The thing is that when I have that syndrome, I know it’s not real, but I still can’t do anything about it.

reviving this topic again…

because, what IS old hag exactly? Ppl who have never experienced it cannot understand just how scary it can be.

I’m not talking about the ‘normal’ SP where you notice you cannot move and you think: hey what is going on, help! i cannot move, this is scary!

No, i’m talking about waking up, feeling extreme anxiety, while you cannot move and you see/feel a presence (male/female) coming slowly to you and you know he wants to do something bad to you. You cannot move or scream, and it seems so real.

But is the presence you feel real? like a ghost or something that you somehow are sensitive to in the dream state? I tend to believe that.

It is hard to find detailed information about the old hag experiences, so i’d like to invite you to write down yours and what you did to get out of it. Maybe it can be a help to others.

Lol PasQuale in my case…from 13 to 17 it was an old hag…well she wasnt that old but she had raven black hair and a big knife in her hand brrrrrr
and she had a look so cold…as ice…brrrr…lol these days i never have that and i surely am evovled now enough to see fast through it…if its an manifestation in a visual way of fear or if she is real like a ghost.
but i dont have them anymore lol hehe.
So i cant check :smile:


Yeah I understand what you’re saying Jeff…

One time I induced a bad SP by an accident because I was so curious so I pretended to panic in my SP and then next thing I knew was that… strange cold breathing male with that huge knife trying to stab me in my chest. He sat on my chest as well… so I became even further paralyized. I couldn’t even scream for help. I was frightened to death even though I knew it was just a mental progress and that I INDUCED it by an accident. Then I figured it out… if you tried to panic and everything, it only would make SP even worse. Also I learned how to overcome that fear, but yes, that fear can be very intense. :bored:

I can’t say that I’m completely over with nasty SP’s (the mental progress part yes, but the real part… the bad influence… no). Oh well, I’ll have to see. :wink:

Ok at least in my case noone has a knife! :wink:
Normally I don’t really see these creatures’ faces cause I never even dare to take a better look at them. So they just look like some sort of shadows. Sometimes there’s more of them, sometimes just one. They keep grabing me and it almost feels as if someone was trying to tickle you. But it’s much worse. I often hear them say something and they have really terrible voices! One time I’ve seen one’s hand up close and it was really disgusting. It was like a dead person’s hand with something slimy on it. :panic:
Luckily this doesn’t happen as often as it used to. I didn’t have it for 6 months! But when i’m depressed or under a lot of stress then i always get this thing. And since I had a lot of exams in the past month… well there it was again.
Anyway I’m glad you got back to this subject! :content:

May I suggest you think of Jesus or God at the time you are paralysed?

I have a feeling this could solve your problem.

Another suggestion: try sprinkling some blessed water in your bedroom, and on your forehead.

Could you try and then post again telling us what happened?

Good luck!

Yes I have tried praying to God/Jesus when I was in SP and I even commanded them to leave in His name. Worked for few SP’s then it never work anymore. :sad: Oh well, I don’t have to worry about that because I found a better way… I just have to let myself to fall asleep in order to wake up for real or enter into a dream world. :biggrin:

Hope you don’t mind me asking, I would like to learn more about blessed water that you’re talking about. Mmm what exactly is blessed water?

P.S. It seems that you’re a strong religion person? No offenses or anything, I just wanted to know. :wink:

I also tried thinking about God, but… didn’t do much good. :sad: The blessed water idea sounds interesting :smile: I guess I could try that, why not? Not that i really think it would work, but who knows! I aslo heard it helps to tie a red rope around your bed (for protection). Haven’t tried that yet either, but it’s an idea. Anything’s possible :wink:

Has anyone seen these “old hags” in states other than SP? Could they be ghosts? I mentioned this in another thread… I once woke up in the middle of the night and saw an old lady sitting in a chair by my bed. She just sat there looking at me. I stared at her for about five seconds, then got scared and rolled over to go to sleep.

I was fully awake and not in SP. I’ve seen “someone” in the middle of the night one other time. Old hags… or something else? :help:

indeed, when i have the scary one (last is more than a year ago) i always focus on the Light, call on my angel. It helps to get it away or to wake up.

about the ghost thing… well… i have experienced this OHS (yay! new acronym!) always in the same room in the house of my mother in law. It always happens when i’m there. I will tell it to go away and it will not come back afterwards. In my own bedroom i cannot remember i experienced it.

As for OHS experiences without SP, i have once had this experience:

I was watching TV (it was about a boy who only had 10% of brain tissue, the rest was empty, they showed the brain scan on tv) - i suddenly feel compelled to close the window. Then a huge wave of fear waves across me. i feel really scared. As i look at the door it seems to open, and a white light is behind it. A dark appearance approaches me slowly. I’m so scared, i dive under my blankets and imagine this is my landlady bringing me some soup.
I calm down and call my father who comforts me.

this happened when i was recovering from a concussion (i had a bad fall on my head). So maybe it has had something to do with that. I was fully awake at the time. It has never happened since, and i still wonder what that was all about.

Yes PasQuale calling your angel also helps how weird that may sound to some ppl…


I’ve had dreams like that. Maybe they were SPs, who knows? It was really dark and I was in my bed paralyzed. The “old hag” was just a voice in the dark, threatening to eat me. Er, I was 5. You know how I got rid of her? I told her to eat my sister. :razz: But she always came back and said I was fatter and had more meat than her!!

Ok, back on topic.
When you’re lucid, well, you know you’re just in SP, can you will those figures way just like in an LD? It’s still your subconscious at work after all… or is it?!

Personally i have not tried that yet, but i would think so yeah.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Praying to Jesus never really helped me with the OHS, even when I did believe in him.

I still have “visits” from dark shadowy evil figures come to masacre me. It’s the scariest thing. I think sometimes our brain just likes to scare the **** out of us for the heck of it. Maybe deep inside we like to be scared sometimes. Otherwise why do we like to watch slasher movies? I even liked “Nightmare On Elm Street” movies. Freddy was such a bad boy. I must be a real sicko.

Well, it’s better if you think it would work (the blessed water) as it works because of faith…