The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic

This is called sleep paralysis or in mythology, the old hag (as you already know). Legend says it’s the ghost of some old woman who’s trying to crush you to death. What it actually is is your body shutting down for sleep. You see, your body actually paralises itself when you go to sleep so you don’t start acting your dreams out in the real world. However the mind can still be conscious or become conscious while in this state and because of the adrenaline you’re body starts pumping in a frightning situation coupled with the hypnogogic imagery your mind is producing at this time it can seem like you’re being crushed by something evil and melevolant. It’s perfectly natural and happens every night, you’re just usually not aware of it. Hope that helps to reassure you.

I thought old hag was when you thought there was something or someone else in the room with you, which gave you extreme fear…

there is something in your room. its called alien abduction


oh it’s not fake. it’s real. unless it wouldn’t be happening.

Thanks Blue, that really helped.

Using “old hag” in the “Search” engine yeilds 47 results. There seems to be an “old hag” hype going on. :tongue:

“Old Hag Syndrom” - original topic from 2003

“Old Hag?”

“The Old Hag”

“I think my quest for lucidity is over”

“I think I had the old hag as a child”


I once read SP being defined as:

I recently mentioned in this thread:
“OBE re-entry by tricking the mind”
about how “the presence” or “old hag” may be yourself. The senses are distorted and you may be actually afraid of your own physical body, and confusing it as someone else.

This never seems to happen to me. I wouldn’t fear it, and it can actually be used towards your advantage for a great lucid experience if you can overcome the fear.

Hmm… I kinda want to try to fall into sleep paralysis again. I didn’t find it that hard. I just tried to stay awake as long as I can while laying in bed. But…

It’s so frigen scary. I don’t like horror movies, and everytime I fall into sleep paralysis, I keep having all these horror-movie-type thoughts in my head, and I get frigen scared.

That makes no sense. What’s not fake?

the paralysis?


If someone would like to contact a incubus/succubus, here’s a way to do it:

-Get yourself some solid combined handcuffs/anklecuffs, so that you will be able to tie your feet and hands on your back.

-IMPORTANT! Make sure that you are able to unlock them unaided, so that you won’t starve to death if you’re unable to.

-Put a container (a casserole maybe) of water in the freezer, wait until it is half frozen. Put the key in, so that it will be frozen in the middle of the block. Put it in until it is hard as wood.

-Take the casserole into a room where you know you will not be disturbed for a long time. A quiet room, not too brightly lit.

-Put yourself on the floor, on a piece of skin. Put the hand/ankle cuffs on.


The passing succubus/incubus will now know (because you know) that you are helpless for some hours. If your position is uncomfortable… good, and don’t hesitate to wimper. You could also cultivate (and express) fear. This will attract them. Also imagine yourself being a waiting slave boy/girl, and promise yourself that you will be obedient to your master/lady.

This might take some tries to work, so don’t give up.

-Tell us how it went.

Use common sense
-Be absolutely sure that you will be able to free yourself.

-When he/she comes be obedient, but don’t do anything stupid because they say so. They have very little understanding of what life in the “real” world is like, so you might need to educate them a bit. Remember he/she does not want anything to happen to you, so if you reason with her she will probably listen.

-She might tell you to dump your girlfriend, or atleast demand that you beat her or something like that, so this might be mostly for single people. (I’m not sure whether incubi are as jealous as succubi, but that might very well be).

Have fun :smile:

Yes, I agree. It’s all pretty much at the same level of realness, I think.

Here’s an interesting link:

It is a series of interactive experiments to show how the brain construct stuff that you don’t actually see. Read all the text, do the experiment, and follow the link at the bottom. Really interesting.

LaBerge often mentions how, to the brain, dream is as real as waking reality. Since our brain represent our ONLY way to experience reality, the concept of “not really there” becomes a bit difficult. When dealing with dreams and succubi, it is useful to treat it as quite real, at least.

Hehe. At least if you’re into SM :smile:

Noooo ! Terrible Nic is kidding ! He just tries to terrify us. :bored: :devil:
Aren’t you a bit provocative, Nic ( just a little bit ?.. )

last night i had that old hag thing only because i read this post

i went into sp and i opened my eyes expecting to see the old hag or something like it. I have never been so scared in my life. This old hag was not an old hag but a small creature thet was white with black eyes and it had one of those hats with the 2 long things on it and i physically could not hold my eyes open because i was so scared.
When i woke up it was extremely hard to breathe and i was shaking.

Next time i go into sp i will NOT open my eyes at all

Hehe, that’s pretty cool. Not a hag/succubus, I guess, but a relative. One of the little people.

You don’t have to be scared of these little friends. They can’t do you any harm, and they don’t want to either. Just treat them with respect and you’ll be allright.

Edit: On second thought, it might very well have been a succubus, as they can take on many forms. A lot of the time they look like aliens. Still, nothing to be afraid of.

I’ve had that… but it was a television that was making strange creepy noises at me and wasn’t really working very well… hard to explain… kinda glas there wasn’t an old hag or alien ahah

old hag is somethin new…never heard of it…

I’m trying to incubate an Old Hag experience for months now… still no success. Only once I think I was pretty close, when I heard screaming and distorted witch cries rumbling in the distance, growing louder and louder. Damn that was really scary… But I didn’t see the Old Hag :sad:

That makes no sense either :scream:.

I had a chocie between that nifty red one and the one pulling it’s hair out. but I like the nifty red one more and have never had a chance to use it…

just say like the old hag will visit you on … like… some time soon, pick a date, and say it every night until you fall asleep.

but i’m not sure why you’d want to, it’s interesting but… very scary.

I’ve tried that… but no success. Though I must admit I didn’t try it very long :smile:
I’m aware of the scariness (english?) and once the Hag visits me I probably never want to experience it again… but I just want to see it one time, out of curiosity.