The BIG sleep paralysis and old hag topic

I’ve had the old hag hold me down by the head and on several occasions i seem them crawling on windows and on the roof. I even see them walk by my room and even try to come in (i can see their darkness).

You make it sound very creepy… There coming to get you batosan, there allways watching, there getting closer, and closer.

you’d imagine my surprise! after experiencing it I would say “What the hell… was that spiderman?!” lol.

Well, that seems to be developed form of sleep paralysis, with hypnagogic halucinations. It reminds me of the shadowmen enigma, but it is clearly linked with the dreaming.
It is not unusual to see things after waking up, yes it could be spiderman aftermath.

Sry I didnt relize there was a forum for these questions here…but I am a begginner to lucid dreaming. I have been doing a dream journal for 2 months now even though I aklready had good dream rcall. But honestly I am truley afraid to dream becuase of old hag. I am afraid of it…can someone help me with this or maybe help me over come it? Thanks so much…Nick

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Old Hag is a recurring question amongst beginners. You have a search engine on this forum (in the top bar) and you can search for “old” and “hag”, and find all these topics :
Old Hag Syndrome
The Old Hag
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The Old Hag syndrome!!
It’s better to post in an existing topic, because answers won’t be scattered through the forum. :grin:

About your question : you don’t have to be afraid of Old Hag. It’s not a dream character that you’ll often meet. Most likely, you won’t meet her at all !
In fact, Old Hag is related with a sleep disorder called Sleep Paralysis. For people experiencing such a disorder, the mind wakes up before the body, and they find themselves paralyzed during a few seconds (up to 2 or 3 minutes).
In some cases, Sleep Paralysis is accompanied with hallucinations. As sleep paralyzed people are already afraid of what happens, these hallucinations are often frightening (ET’s, demons, Old Hag, etc.)

Concerning LD, there is a confusion, because when you practise WILD (and only this induction technique), you try to volontarily reach a paralyzed state, which many LD’ers also call SP. But these hallucinations don’t appear in this state. They are only related with the SP disorder.

I hope you won’t be afraid, now ! Remember that all you can experience in LD… is just a dream ! :content:

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I’ve had the “spiderman” affect during SP, but now that I think about it, it’s just the effect of someone malicious that can climb on walls and stuff (Sorta like The Fear in MGS3). It’s definitely something in my subconcious (perhaps?) because the last thing I would be scared of is spiderman! And also, I’ve never dreamed about spiderman (well, never dreamed and remembered it).

if you could, try to sleep with the light on and when you have SP try to look at the shadowfigures.
just a thought.

and one more current topic :smile:
“That old hag…”
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The old hag should never ever be feared by people attempting to lucid dream. I am stunned that so many people visit here asking these “I’m scared of old hag” questions … and I’ve never noticed threads created with “Help me, I have an old hag in my room” :lol:

Beesflirtn, I’m more afraid of bees :smile: dont worry about this “old hag” and don’t let it get in your way.

Perhaps you should combine these posts and make a sticky “SP and old hag related stuff” threat? People aren’t gonne use the search anyway and just keep asking these questions, since there will always be more new or beginning people that arrive on the forums.

Ok so last night as I was laying in bed when suddenly I could see the outline of the people from youth group and I could hear them talking. I could move and everything because I would always get up on my elbow and look around. After a while I had enouf of it so I got up and fell asleep on my couch in another room.

My question is, was this my imagination, old hag or a dream.

From your information, it seems like a hallucination, possible HH. It could also be a dream, but if you could move around and eventually get up out of bed, that’s probably not likely. Were your eyes closed? If you could move around, I would say that it most definitely was not the old hag or anything related to that or SP. Did you feel fear as this was happening?

well actaully I wasn’t afraid at all just really irritated at the hallustinations. I kind of knew I wasn’t dreaming. The only reason I got up was because I was really annoyed at them :grrr: . also the only time that i have these HH’s or whatever they are, are after youth group. also when I stood up it was 1:34 AM and I had first gone to sleep at about 10:00.

Yeah I would say that was just HI, did you do a RC?

Was it dark? I think that our minds use darkness (ex. inside of our eyelids) to project things like these for dreams. I also think that is why some people can sleep with there eyes open, although i have no idea how to explain it during the daytime.

Also do you notice experiencing HI whenever you close your eyes? I know that i do and that has really made WILD a useful tool for me.

Hey all, I’ve been out for a while.

I have had SP occurances my entire life, although for a long time there were no halucinations whatsoever, it was just me very confused trying to move.

After I had been to this site, I had my first “old hag,” and it was scary as shit. I was looking kinda across my room, when this big clawed hand came out of the far wall and started stretching across the room, the arm was like 6 feet long when I woke myself up.

However, since then, I have had 2 pleasant old hag experiences. In one, I was looking down my bed when this weird little man popped his head up alongside my bed and said “skeedle!” I woke up laughing. My next old hag experience was a really hot woman… go figure. I had a happy dream after that. :tongue:

In my case, an old hag never appeared until somebody else put the idea into my head. When the SP happened, I remembered the old hag, panicked, and my mind made a creepy ass image. However, after that, I realized that SPs can be “edited” the same way that dreams can. Just take it in stride, you can actually have an enjoyable experience. :happy:



I’ve heard quite a lot from various forums about people having sleep paralysis and they seem to talk about it (especially in LD forums) as if it’s quite a common thing. I’ve never personally experienced it but over the weekend I was chatting with a mate about lucid dreaming and this forum and he told me about the sleep paralysis which he’s had. He hasn’t had SP in a while now but doesn’t count out the possibility of getting it again. It sounds pretty scary to me, so he asked me to post what happened to see if anyone could shed any light on why it happens, what it means etc… Here goes:

He says that he normally gets sleep paralysis after nightmares. Normally, following a nightmare, he would wake up screaming, then go through the routine of sitting up slightly, having a look about him, make sure everything’s alright, calm down and then go back to sleep. When he gets SP though he wakes up, can’t look around, can’t scream, can’t move, can’t do ANYTHING… until he’s asleep again, which he can only do when he’s calmed himself down under THOSE conditions!

For me that would be scary enough but to add to that:

One time when he had this sleep paralysis he woke up (says he can’t remember if this was from a nightmare or not) and he could see the outline of a male figure in the doorway. The outline was making the figure look kind of spiritual. It was a thick yellow light which almost looked like someone had just got a really thick yellow marker and drawn the outline. He says the figure looked like it had the stature almost of a superhero. This reminded me of ‘Old Hag’ which I’ve also heard about and never experienced (never want to :bored: )!

Does anyone know what causes Sleep Paralysis, anything people can do to prevent it, what the figure may have been or meant and also, an interesting one which he asked me:
Does this make him (my friend) ‘more’ or ‘less’ likely to have lucid dreams? He says that he had a few lucid dreams when he was a kid, not knowing what they were at the time, but hasn’t for years and years and now seems quite interested after some of the stories I told him. :tongue:

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



SP is actually something that we all MUST have during sleep. It prevents us to act out the things we see ourselves doing during sleep. So you cannot stop SP and you should not do that.

If you have SP when you go to sleep and you don’t want to experience it, then try to avoid sleeping on your back. If your body falls asleep before your brain does, then you feel SP. The same goes to your friend who is experiencing SP after waking up. It’s probably because the nightmare will scare him so much, that his brain wakes up, but his body has not waken up yet. So it takes little time until your body also wakes up and you are able to move.

Seeing Old Hag is nothing to be afraid. It’s natural hallucination what people sometimes see while having SP. It’s as much product of your mind as your dreams are.

And yes, SP can greatly used as tools for OBE. When you learn not to fear SP, you can start to enjoy the feeling of SP, because you know - you are very near to OBE/LD if you can make your dream body “come out” from your physical body can if you can create some visuals what will take you into AP/LD :wink:

Check this topic in “stuff dreams are made of:”

“the BIG sleep paralysis and Old Hag topic”

Is it possible to have SP only in certain parts of your body?
'Cos I remember one time when I woke up and I couldn’t move my arm, it was as if it was made of lead… Really scary stuff!
It stopped after a few seconds though!

If it’s just one bodypart you can’t move, then it’s most likely because you’ve been sleeping on it and the blood has stopped circulating. I’ve had the same thing happening to me alot of time becuase it tends to be somewhat cold in my bedroom and that also increases the chance of it happening. It’s a strange feeling when it happens, because besides not being able to move your arm, you don’t have ANY feeling in it for a few seconds. Not until the blood starts flowing again. So if you pinch your arm you can’t feel anything until the after you can move it again :tongue: So don’t go hurting your arm because you can’t feel anything because it will start hurting after a while :wink: