Old Hag

Hi everyone…I am a begginner to lucid dreaming. I have been doing a dream journal for about 2 months now even though I already had good dream recall. But I am honestly afraid to lucid dream because of OLD HAG. I’m not sure if you guys know what it is But i am honestly really afraid of it. Can someone help me? Thanks

Don’t be afraid - it’s all in your head (and a number of people had said that once you’ve experinced it once, it really isn’t all that bad).

It you really do feel you need to avoid it though, then just don’t use the WILD tech… use a different one (such as MILD).

I like the old hag :tongue: But that’s probably because she’s isn’t old for me :cool: But then again that’s how I expect her to be now. I used to be a bit scared of her too, but after it’s happened a few times you know it’s just a dream. So there isn’t anything to be scared of.

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