Omg I *sort Of* Got It!!!!

Taking this RIGHT OUT of my dream journal:

1:19 PM 11/27/02: I remember being in some sort of house…and I sort of went lucid!!! My cat was with me and could talk (which I did not find odd) However i was sort of conciously aware of a few things. i was aware that nothing around me was real (althogh I thought the cat was real) and that I could do anything i want…but the cat did limit me a bit saying that I coudlnt do certain things and I believed it. But other things did work. I (sometimes) flew, I “deleted” characters, I got into the scenes of one of my games…I tried going to Moscow, RUSSIA (Something I knew I wanted to do in my dreams) But as i said that, the cat said that I couldnt do that (Wouldt say why however…stuipd subconcoius) and the dream began to fade out and i began to picture moscow however right then i began losing the dream. I spun around an drubbed my hands together and it came back.

There was another time were I was at the tob of a large “tower” of sorts in my room and I was thrown off…and I lost lucidity (or so i thought). I re"awakened" inside the same room with the cat and I asked her if I was still lucid (forgetting about reality checks). No response. I tried doing things but to no avail. Then I told her to give me a sign…and seconds later she flew across the room! I knew I was lucid. One question I asked the cat (as if it were some sort of genie) was if I was cold or not…and then I told her to show me myself sleeping. She was relcutant at first but then I said that “I couldnt exit the dream if you simply show me.” (although i couldve considering I was in control, but…) and it actually showed me on my bed sleeping! That part is a bit blurry, but i do remember it was my bed, and that was exactly where I was slepeing, it was so neat!

Then for the last part before the dream abruptly ended, I seemed to get a gameboy or gamegear out and was going to ask the cat a question (why was <edit out. personal, hehe>). It began to appear in my gamegear (which was what I percieved as what would ask the question. also, the image shown was .) and then my mother came in to say “hi” and then two absolute strangers came in (whom I “banished”. I specifcally said “I Banish you from my room!”.) and then I told my mother I was lucid. She laughed. And then my question was formed in the gamegear, and just as I was about to ask…it disappeared and I awoke. I performed several reality tests that revelead I was no longer dreaming.

How I came about this was…I kept waking up in the middle of the night. At first, I just told myself “I am dreaming1, I am dreaming 2…”. But that didnt work. I awoke another time and got something to drink. That didint work either. Then I awoke again when my mother decided to go on the computer. That didn’t work either because I awoke a few minutes after I went back to sleep. And then finally it hit me…i went to sleep saying that I was dreaming (right after i performed a reality check) and i got into the dream and it suddenly hit me that I was lucid! It was kewl!

Anyway, I need steps on getting another but FULL lucid dream. I’m glad that I’ve gotten this far thought :happy:

Cool dream, and cool ideas for me to try. I’d like to see myself sleeping, I’ll have to try that. Next time though, delete or banish the darn cat. :wink:

I also would like to know how to get a FULL blown lucid dream because I always seem to get the halfassed… partly conscious ones. :tongue:

My first lucid dream was one that I would call partly lucid, or as lostboy referred to it as halfassed…

well still working on it, not gonna give up…

Perhaps if you were conscious enough, you might be able to remember to perform some stabalization techniques straight away. I guess if you’re only partly conscious you tend to forget about things like this - I’ve done it more times that I can remember.

Fairly often I find myself in a partly (or half-assed) lucid dream, but I seemed to have developed an automatic response that causes me to question everything to the point of full lucidity. The key is definately persistance.

:wink: Problem is, I was only partially aware that I had the power (Or else I woudlve been in Moscow, not some strange room.). Darn cat prevented me!!!

But…I was almost ready to give up on lucid dreaming, but now…I’m getting there! :happy: I’ve got new energy for it and now that I know that i CAN do it, I’m goingto continue to strive for total lucidity.

For anyone whos hada mostly-lucid dream or even a full lucid dream,what are your techniques? I want to find out everything i can…and with this thanksgiving holiday it’s going to be infitenly easier to practice.

My third LD was beautiful and real and my head was so clear and I knew that I was dreaming. I had a few times where I started to slip out of it ut I could tell and take measures to rectify the situation. Then I had a few muddy ones where I had a very slight hold on my awareness. The last two were so clear that I doubted I was dreaming and then just as I got it… woke up. So I’m not having luck strengthening my grasp on my lucidity. Hrumph… oh well… at least the frequency seems to be coming along. :neutral: