OMG what was this??? I WAS ALMOST TORN APART!

hmm, last night was quite odd for me. I never get into REM when sleeping only 5 hours (as I did) and yet I remember a very clear and kinda lucid dream which was VERY scary.
I was in this place outside. There were small short white buildings around, along with nice green trees. I felt like I knew the place well and it felt spiritual. There was also aa group of people there. I tihnk they were wearing white robes or something. I also felt like this place was kinda floating above normal ground. LIke when you are on the second floor you can still feel you are on the second floor with no windows or anything…anyway. Well I remember walking with these people or something, and then something happened. I moved away from them and then I felt an evil. It may have been one of the people doing this or a very odd tornado. Well soon I began to float upward with my arms stretched out very violently. Then when I was floting above the air I felt the evil more. I started spinniing soooo fast, and I remember trying to hold onto my arms, which were being ripped off by the inertia. (It was kind of like that twister in “Mission to Mars”, except there was no visible tornado or debree.) Well thats when I (think) became aware this was a dream, and I was just hoping to wake up fast. I was still in the dream, spinning, with my arms being torn off. I was SOOO SCARED. Unbelieveable fright!! (although I dont think I was scared while being lucid, when I became lucid I calmed down.) I then started to awake as I had that feeling in your stomach, like when it “drops” from being so scared. I awoke very calm, and tried not to move. Because if i did move, and couldnt, then I would know im in sleep paralysis which I dont want to be in, so I didnt move. Well after like 15 sec I did and it was very dark. The dream was still kinda making noises being incorperated in the real world. Well then I looked at the clock and it was only 5:15 AM, so I went back to bed.

OMGOMG ~~~~~~~~!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
I remember when I woke up I looked at my red digital clock, and it said 5:15 AM. But I remember a few days ago I unplugged it and it wasnt on!!! I just looked now and it isnt on!!! OMG!!! why did I miss that dream sign!!! O well, it was a pretty scary dream, but im happy to have had it. it was such a rush!

You know… Ive never had a false awakening. Its like I have this very very low level lucidity constantly running in my head. I don’t always know I’m dreaming consciously… in fact, I seem to be having some trouble becoming aware in my dreams lately (time for a break I guess) but I seem to know that Im dreaming in a sort of unconscious way … if that makes any sense to anyone.

Ben, I had this dream once where a crowd of people all put their fists around my ribs so that they were circling my body and they all began to push in so that my ribs were being squeezed from evrey direction. I woke up and was gasping and could still feeling the crushing and contact of the fists for a few minutes despite the fact that I was fully awake. I wasn’t tangled in anything during my sleep either. I think the sensations were caused completely by my mind during the dream and held on when I awoke because I became awake so fast.

I have had some experiences with feeling some sort of evil, as it pulls me at an astronomical exceleration, and there is a high pitch noise associated with this… It started the first time without a dream! I was suddenly cully conscious, though asleep, and being sort of sucked out of my body. I have read some books about shamans going to other dimensions with similar experiences. I have since then thought maybe its not evil, but just scarry because it is about to be an actual OBE. Apearently you have to be unafraid to die in order to finish the transition and “pop” out of your body! It feels like you are gona die as the exceleration mounts, and I have always snapped into an awakened state before I got too far… this is scarry stuff, but one day I plan to stay in the motion and pop out of my body and see where it takes me, if indeed that is what is happening to me! Is this sounding similar to the experience you had? There is another post where someone got sucked into a vortex on their computer, in a dream, and had these same feelings. Good to knkow others are having these experiences!

Astral Traveler,

Read this:


Hypnodude, I read the hypnagogia link, and agree with all of that stuff and have considered all of peoples reports of night visitations from hags, shadowpeople, aliens, etc. all results of this phenomenon. In my experience, I have never seen anyone, and in my post I said I felt a “evil” presence that I dismissed as some fear of some new experience. I have read a lot about these types of visitations, and that article about hypnagogia parallels the info that I have read and agree with, but in the experience that I am speaking of, there is no visitation. I know that I am sleeping, but I am not feeling like I am in my bed. What I am speaking of is a feeling of immense exceleration. There is no fear of some presence, no paralysis, not even any dream activity in 1/2 of the cases. People have described a phenomenon that they look down on their body during an OBE, and I believe this is the type of thing that happening when this “exceleration” begins. I cannot be sure because I was afraid to continue. Carlos Castaneda speaks of this type of thing in his books. I have seen a few posts about this phenomina in this forum. What I find interesting is the whirlwind thing that seems to be in many reports. I have never experienced the whirlwind or vortex or whatever, but I can’t help but notice that it is spoken of quite often. What is going on?

about feeling pain; once i had this wierd dream and sum jester through a dager at my foot and it hurt alot. I woke up real fast and it still hurt, i think i might have hit my ancle on the bed, not sure

I don’t think it is unbelieveable for me as i think i have also experienced this type of fear. with me it was my head but insead of it moving too much i couldn’t move it at all. This happened early this year and i, only now, realise that i think it was sleep paralysis that had somehow gotten into my dream. I was also holding onto my head the way you were holding onto your arms.
I was lucid in the first part of the dream but lost it before this happened.
I also felt calm when i woke up (even though for you it was only a false awakening)
Perhaps there is some gland in our body that makes us really scared.

It was the scariest experience that i’ve ever had (but in real life i wouldn’t have been so scared), was it like this for you as well?