On becoming lucid everything goes black, fast movement, wake

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I’ve been Lucid Dreaming for quite some time now, I’ve gotten quite good at it to be honest. Lately, I’ve been having an increase in the amount of times I notice I’m dreaming. Last night, I noticed THREE times.

But there’s a catch… along with this I’ve also been having problems. In all three of the dreams, I realised I was dreaming because of something strange (the last one was me lying in the bed I was sleeping in even though I hardly ever sleep in that bed, then looking in the kitchen and seeing steam coming out of a siv, with a pan on top of the siv, then seeing it fly up because I thought of hot air balloons. I kept laughing then suddenly I decided “I’d better RC just in case” so I grabbed my nose, realised I could breath and stood up saying “Woo I’m dreaming!”). The problem is though, after realising I’m dreaming, and this is happening most of the time now (never used to) everything goes black and I feel myself moving suddenly, then I wake up. I always check when I wake up, they weren’t false awakenings.

The second time it happened last night (in case you skipped part, it happened all three times last night) I heard music when it was happening and it was actually kind of scary for some reason.

I’ve never had problems with this before. I forgot about these forums until going on them in a dream a few nights ago (hehe), so hopefully I’ll post here more now. But 90% of the time in a night I will notice I’m dreaming, and it’s been like that for months now (might be due to my in-dream hypnosis… yeah I tried it) but now it seems the only way I can LD is to do it in other ways.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can keep myself in the dream when this happens? It literally blacks out and I feel myself moving as if I was sliding sideways being forced then ripped back into my body. That’s the only way I can describe the feeling. It’s like my mind is trying to stop me from LDing D:

This happens to me as well.
I noticed that the blackness is not there suddenly, first everything around goes vague. The dreamword (just to give it a name) slowly goes to that blackness. This is the point where I can ‘try’ to keep the dream by,… more or less ‘making my mind believe the dream’ again.
I am not sure how to explain this, but you do that by rubbing your hands (in the dream) for example and focussing on the sensations it should give. Feel the hands, feel the feeling, see the vingers etc.
You can also stamp on ‘the floor’ with your ‘feet’, feel the sensations of that, the sound etc. Touch your face, feel it… etc, things like that. When doing that, these things often reappear.
You can also look around and really ‘see’ what you see, sometimes it grows more clear again when you do that.
I find that first the surroundings dissapear, and then me. When its totally black around, you can stil be there as a dreaming person and get the dream back by doing things.

And stay as relaxed as possible, without too many worries about losing the dream.

I never got to trying this last part, but I imagine that sitting down to meditate, inside the dream, might help to keep the right kind of relaxation. Pushing the overactive awake thoughts away for a bit and going back into that zen mode :razz: Creating the world around as you do that.
But never tried this :smile: so I do not know if it truly helps as well.