On Cheese and Chocolate

I’ve seen no evidence provided as to why cheese or chocolate would help with dreams, but my guess would be that it’s a result of the opiate(!!!) that’s created in your stomach during digestion of dairy products(so don’t think it’s just cheese and chocolate). Specifically, milk contains a protein called casein. When this protein enters your stomach it is broken down into a substance called casomorphine - actually chemically related to morphine itself. I’m not sure, but I believe cheese has a higher amount of casein relative to milk, as there have been studies claiming cheese is more addictive than morphine(on the right scale). I assume if milk had the same concentration, it would have been included in the study. Anyone know for sure?

Not really, but I belive that it does help from experience. Try and you will find out.

Hmm so that’s why I like cheese so much! I’ve found that when I have milk, cheese or chocolate before bed I do tend to at least have some vivid dreams if not lucid ones. Maybe I’ll try a littel of each tonight, see what happens.

casein IIRC also breaks down into other amino acids and stuff, like tryptophan, and i believe tryptophan knocks sugar molecules off blood vessel walls as it travels round ze body, so having warm milk as you go to bed might sooth you, but also give you a small sustained sugar rush

I don’t think chocolate works for everyone. I do get these strange dreams, though. But, regardless of me eating half my weight in chocolate in one night no lucids :shrug:.