on my way to lucidity

Hi I’m new to lucid dreaming and very interested in having my second LD. Does anyone have any tips for me? It would be very helpful and much appreciated. :smile:

Hey, welcome to the forums :content:

If you haven’t started already, keep a handy dandy DJ beside your bed & practice your RCs daily. The dream journal will help build your recall, so you remember more dreams. & you know, it’d be horrible not remembering an awesome lucid experience :razz:. I think every beginner should start off with RC-ing, it is the most basic method and very important as you’ll be needing it to confirm your lucidity and such. Once you get comfortable with keeping a DJ and doing RCs on a daily basis, you could slowly test out the different methods of lucid dreaming and see what works for you best.

Goodluck on your quest to lucidity!

Agree with everything that StarryGwee said. Basic are basic and you should cover them before starting with specific induction techniques. Read the guides, you can find many here and there is a lot of information on the net but remember that those guides are written by individual and those things may or may not work in your specific situation so you can adjust them to your own needs. Don’t stick to them like they are ultimate way toward lucidity.

Always do things that you are comfortable with. So if you do stumble on technique which may seem like the one for you stick with that technique even though others may said that this techniques isn’t for beginners…

Good luck and ask as many questions you like… :content: