On the edge of LD, problem with transition

Hey everybody,

First of all I would like to thank you all for the amazing contribution of info about lucid dreaming. I’ve learned alot about this interesting phenomenon.
Now I find myself a little stuck. As I still dont quite know how to achieve LD’s at night, I discovered I seem to get very close at naptimes. I love to experiment, but the last days I’m losing my motivation because I cant get closer to my goal, and I feel im very close.

So when I take a nap, I try to get comfortable and I kindof try the WILD technique. At a certain point I reach the state of intense vibrations, I feel my body getting numb, heartbeat goes up, visualizations emerge, the feeling of drifting away and sometimes also sounds. Now I think Im having problems with transitioning to the dream state. I s just cant enter my dream. I usually try something to advance, but I either lose the feeling, and afterwards it repeats itself, OR i simply let it go and I fall asleep or wake up unsatisfied.

Can anyone point me out the direction I have to go? All help appriciated!


When you feel the vibrations, can you move? I don’t mean being too tired to move, I mean that if you actually tried to lift your arm up you wouldn’t be able to. Also, do you hear something that seems to be very loud static or something similar, like a roaring plane engine?

Also, your heartbeat is not supposed to go up. This could start breaking you out of trance.

My advice to you is to not think about how far you are in your WILD while doing it. Just let everything go with the flow, without losing your consciousness. The only thing you need to keep is your consciousness.

WILD can be difficult for some, and it needs a lot of practice to get right.

Every time I take notice of HI, this always happens. Not that I’m practicing for WILD, but I figured staring at HI might be a nice experiment for falling asleep more easily.

Does this change due to habituation, or is it different? (Can’t find the right words… :meh:)

For whatever reason the feeling of elevated heart rate is very common during WILD attempts. The biggest thing is to push through it. It’s normal to start getting feelings, losing them and getting them back. The best advice I can give is yo try to ignore them entirely. The more you focus on your body, the less you focus on your dreams.

Also, when it comes to HI and HH, be very passive about trying to jump in. The biggest mistakes I made were trying to jump into a dream way to early. Let the images happen, keep focused on your intent (dreaming) and let your SC do the work. When you begin to feel you might be dreaming, do an RC that requires feeling to help activate your other senses.

Best of luck!