On the Road to 2012


On the Road to 2012
Talk given by Valum Votan a.k.a. Jose Arguelles
Ashland Methodist Church
Resonant Moon, Silio 21
White Self-Existing Wind

We are living in a most interesting time. From the Mayan perspective and from many other perspectives: These are the End Times. This is the time of prophecy. Just about everybody has heard of the date 2012. Most people hear this date and say, “Hmm…isn’t that when the Mayan calendar ends? This is the stock answer. The Mayan calendar doesn’t end in 2012. The Mayan calendar is based on cycles within cycles within cycles. What happens in 2012 is the ending of a major cycle. For some reason or other the 2012 date, more than any other date of prophecies has stuck in people’s minds and imagination. 2012 is a marker, it’s a wake up call in our DNA. Why is this?

For the Maya, 2012 is the ending of what is usually referred to as the Great Cycle. The Great Cycle is a 5,125 year cycle that began at the date on the Mayan calendar. On the Gregorian/Julian calendar that date is August 13 B.C. 3113. What happened at that point? If you go look back in your history books you can find most Western history books say the history of civilization began about 3100 B.C., this is 13 years off from the Mayan Long Count which says, “No to be precise according to your calendar that would be August 13, 3113 B.C.”

The present Kali Yuga cycle of the Hindus began just 11 years later in 3102 B.C., this is supposedly when Lord Krishna disincarnated and then the Kali Yuga began. Kali Yuga is the final and darkest age. For the Maya, history did begin at 3113 B.C. The first dynasty of Egypt was established circa 3100 B.C. The first city in history was founded circa 3100 B.C. That was the city of Uruk, from which the name Iraq is derived. Uruk was founded by seven wise men at the beginning of history in Mesopotamia. If you look at the history books you will see that virtually everything we think of as the history of civilization began at that point and slowly builds up from there—this is the Babylonian/Mesopotamian origin of civilization. Mayans say that this whole cycle of civilization 5,125 years comes to an end on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 A.D. This is now a little less that nine years away—that’s not very far away.

Everyone got all keyed up when 2000 was going to happen with the famous Y2K flop and then they breathed a sigh of relief and thought the apocalypse wasn’t going to happen after all—not yet anyway. There was a lot of bickering in the newspapers about when the Third Millennium really began. The Third Millennium officially began on January 1, 2001. Up to this point everyone was saying, “Well we made it through the Second Millennium and the apocalypse didn’t happen yet.” If you read in the Book of Revelations it talks about the 1,000 year millennia.

So the Third Millennium dawned. Before the first year of the Third Millennium was over there was a big event of which everyone is acutely aware. This event was known as the 9-11. This was the apocalyptic event to set the tone for the fact that we are now all on the Road to 2012. All the signs point to 2012. No one gets to the future without going through December 21, 2012. What does this mean, the end of the cycle? What is actually going on right now in the world that gives us any clue as to why things are happening the way they are happening now. And who were the ancient Maya that they knew these things so well?

December 21, 2012 in the Long Count will be once again. A cycle will be complete. A cycle of what are called 13 baktuns. There are 13 baktuns between 3113 B.C. and 2012. A baktun is a cycle of exactly 144,000 days. Thirteen cycles of 144,000 days and you come to the completion of a cycle. This cycle is what we call the cycle of history or the cycle of civilization. This cycle is a very interesting one in the history of the Earth and the evolution of the solar system, and even the history of the galaxy.

Why this little planet? Why us? Who are we? What are we doing here and how did we get into this predicament? Because indeed it appears to be quite a predicament that we are in today. For instance, it has become very unpleasant to go flying. It is a terrible sight to go to a little place like Rogue Valley International airport in Medford, Oregon and see people who are your local dental assistant or your mailman to be frisked like they are terrorists. There is no common sense to this, none whatsoever, and that is just a little airport. It gets much worse when you go to the larger airports.

Our sense of freedom has been greatly diminished. Our sense of security and comfort has been greatly diminished. Our common sense is truly diminished. We are, for all intents and purposes, a people collectively rather insane. The other species are not like this. We seem to be a very curious species. We are very paranoid, given to very extreme forms of aggression. We are reliant on artificial contrivances to an extraordinary degree. Any new technology that is invented we immediately become addicted to it. It is interesting this cycle of history—5,125 years.

Dec. 21, 2012 also marks the ending of a larger cycle, a cycle of 26,000 years which is usually referred to as the Pleidian great year. This is a long cycle. There is also a larger cycle than this that closes on Dec. 21, 2012: a cycle of 104,000 years. All of these cycles are coming to a conclusion or a convergent point in 2012. Who are we? What are we doing here? This is the most important question that we have to ask ourselves today. Usually the question of “who are we and what are we doing here” are not asked in the halls of Congress or in the White House or in the Pentagon. What we are doing here from that point of view is to gain greater power and dominance over the rest of the world. This is a very interesting and sad state that we have fallen in as a nation in that regard that our policies are now in such a militaristic condition. Why is this? Who are we and what are we really doing here?

26,000 years ago what was happening right here? If was probably stunningly natural. Probably a few natives had trekked their way down across the Bering Strait and checked out a cave or two here or there—but not too many of them. Even 5,125 years ago if you came to the Rogue Valley, what would it look like? Probably not too much different than what it looked like 26,000 years ago. A little warmer and a little less ice. Our species seems to be the most recent one on this planet. We pride ourselves on being the most intelligent and the most clever, which in some ways it seems that we are. We can build skyscrapers and we can build airplanes to hit the skyscrapers intentionally. We can build machines that supposedly think for us and think faster than us.

A statement by one of the major movers behind globalization recently said: “We have moved from a world where the big eat the small to a world where the fast eat the slow.” We live in a very fast world. We live in a world of accelerating time. Most people nowadays notice that they don’t have time to do everything that needs to be done. There are more things to do and less time to do it in. Though, we have faster machines and faster vehicles. But no matter how fast we go we still can’t get it all done. We are kind of like the Greek paradox: to get from x to y, if you do half the distance every day—one day you go half that distance, another day half that distance—but you never seem to get there. Where are we going so fast? What do we have to do that is so important that we are going so fast? Why is the time accelerating? What do we have to do that is so important that we are going so fast? Why is the time accelerating so fast? Is it because there are more people?

How many humans were there when homosapiens came about 26,000 years ago? One million? Who knows. It is said that 5,125 years ago when the history of civilization began it is estimated that there were about 100 million human beings all around the planet. It is estimated that at the peak of the Roman Empire that number in some 3,000 years had gone from 100 million to about 300 million slow growth. From the time of Julius Caesar to the time of Benjamin Franklin talking to the Iroquois Indians around 1750, the population went from about 300 million to 500 million. In other words from 3113 B.C. to 1750 A.D. the population went from about 100 million to 500 million in almost 5,000 years. But in the 250 years since 1750 the human population has increased over 12-fold. When you graph this time span out what you see is an exponential curve.

So in 1750 there were 500 million people and in 1840, 90 years later the population doubled for the first time in that short of time—from 500 million to a billion. From 1840 to 1930, another 90 years, the population grew to 2 billion. In 1960 there were 3 billion people on the planet. Now the population is well over 6 billion—so in the last 45 years the population has doubled. The population is projected at 7 billion by 2010. The environmental impact of this population explosion is incredible. It is amazing to think that people don’t think humans have an effect on the environment. They still think that we have nothing to do with global warming. What is going on? And how did this happen?

How many people are wearing a watch? Raise your hands watch wearers. Where did that watch come from? This is where your watch came from: In 3100 B.C. the Sumerians who lived in Uruk knew the world was a sphere and divided that sphere into 24 parts and each part had 60 minutes and each minute had 60 seconds. This was exactly in 3100 B.C. It took a very long time before the human beings could actually experientially verify that the Earth really was round like that with the means that they had. It took almost 4,500 years before they could actually verify this. But that division of the sphere into 24 parts, each part 60 minutes and each minute 60 seconds, it took three thousand some odd years before it was determined how to apply this into what was called a “concept of time.”

In the Court of Haroun al Rashid in Baghdad around 800, the Great Khalif was playing chess and heard there was a new Roman emperor in the West, a man named Charlemagne, and he said to some of his court wizards: “Let’s bring him some gifts, he needs to be honored.” So the wizards of the Court of Haroun al Rashid got together a lot of gifts including a little mechanical clock which they considered just a toy since it had no soul. So Charlemagne received among other gifts the soulless clock of Haroun al Rashid. Charlemagne didn’t know what to do with the mechanical toy but some Christian monks looked at it and said, “Hmm…we are supposed to wake up and pray several times after midnight before the sun rises, maybe we can use this to wake up at those moments.” So they started working with the mechanical toy around 800 A.D. and by 1000 in Switzerland they came up with the Cookoo clock so the monks could wake up and pray the prescribed hours.

The military also got interested in this little mechanical device and around 1600 or so the pendulum clock was perfected. So they had a 24 hour clock based on 60 minutes, 60 seconds. When you look at any clock what you are seeing is a 2-dimensional plane in space, a circle divided into 12 parts and with two little hands, sometimes a second hand too. One of the little hands goes around faster than the other one. On hand only moves one-twelfth of a circle in an hour, while the other one moves more quickly than that counting the minutes. Who came up with this idea? What does a 2-dimensional circle, a plane in space, have to do with time? And what does the clock actually measure? Is there such a thing as an hour in nature? There is no such thing as an hour or a minute in nature. These are abstract and artificial concepts.

About the same time as the clock was perfected there was a pope in the Vatican named Pope Gregory the 13th. The first Gregory was the famous Pope Gregory the First around 600 A.D., same time as Muhammad. The first Pope Gregory established the Vatican as a major organization. Pope Gregory the 13th was elected Pope in 1572. What was going on in 1572?

In 1572 a certain Bishop de Landa, the very same year that the first Pope was elected, was sent back to the Yucatan. Bishop de Landa had been the bishop of Yucatan from the 1540’s up to 1562. The Spaniards arrived in Mexico in 1519 and in 1562 there was a major burning of all the books of Mayan civilization by Bishop de Landa in a town called Izamel in Yucatan. Izamel was the main pilgrimage and religious ceremonial center of the Maya at that time. As soon as he burnt the books he was called back and the church wanted to know what he had learned. What we had learned, among other things, he wrote down in 1572 in a book called, “The Relation of the Things of Yucatan,” which is the first book by a European about the Mayan people. It is the first book by a European that also talks about the Mayan calendar. What did he find? He found that the Mayan calendar was more accurate than the Julian calendar—the calendar invented by Julius Caesar which was used by the church then. They found out that the Julian calendar was off by ten days. On that calendar Spring Equinox was falling closer to April first and he found the Mayan calendar to be more sophisticated and more accurate.

So what did Pope Gregory XIII decide to do when he became elected? He decided to reform the Julian calendar. He said, “We will make our calendar as accurate as that heathen calendar was.” It took him 10 years to make the calendar more accurate, one less Leap Year every 400 years. That is the essence of the Gregorian calendar reform. We call it the Gregorian calendar after Pope Gregory. In 1582 the Great Calendar Reform was completed. If you went to bed on Oct. 5, you woke up on Oct. 16. They took back the ten days that they were off.

It’s interesting to note that this would not have happened if the Spaniards hadn’t conquered the Mayans, committed genocide and destroyed their books. So we have a 12 month calendar and clock with 12 hours on it. What’s the superstitious number? Thirteen. So here they had divisions of time based on twelve. What was the most common division of time before history? We now find that most people before “history” used a 13 month, 28-day calendar. You still find the Druids using this, also the Inca populations of South America still use it—in their calendar this is the year 5,512 on that calendar which is called the Pachacuti calendar.

Why was the number 13 suppressed? This civilization suffers from trisdekaphobia—fear of the number 13. If you go to older apartment houses in places like New York City and take the elevator it goes from the twelfth to the fourteenth floor—this is real trisdekaphobia. The Mayan calendar system is based on the number 13. Thirteen is the number of the cosmic movement of time. Twelve is a static number. It is a perfect multiple of two, three, four and six—but it has no motion inside it. If you think of twelve abstractly, it creates an interlocking set of planes.

Thirteen is a prime number. The moon actually goes around the Earth thirteen times a year. Which is also scientific. The actual cycle of the moon from New Moon to New Moon is 29.5 days—this is called the synodic cycle. But the sidereal cycle—which measures where the moon appears in the sky to where it appears in the same place again is 27 days. This is because we are looking from down here on Earth. If you are up in space you see that the moon is going around the Earth thirteen times in the time the Earth goes around the sun once.

What happens when people base their sense of time on perceptions that are artificial, mechanistic, arbitrary and also irrational and irregular. As we know, the Gregorian calendar—thirty days hath September…that’s as much as you learn about the calendar. Why, if we are a rational scientific civilization do we use a contrivance like this? You can read many books about the Gregorian calendar and there is nothing but apologies for this fact. No one understands what kind of deep effect this has on our unconscious and on our social programming.

What is a calendar? A calendar is the principle instrument used to program a society’s customs. If you took away the Gregorian calendar where are you going to find July 4 and Christmas? When those dates come around you can see the fever building up, even if you don’t want to be a part of it. Pretty soon you have your Christmas depression; you didn’t want to have your Christmas depression again. Everything that a society, a culture or a people does is programmed into the calendar. The calendar is the macroprogramming device of a society or a culture. Take away the Chinese calendar or take away the Jewish or Islamic calendar and all the festivals and customs are taken away. This just shows that how in some ways how relative and arbitrary these programming devices are.

You can read “Scientific American” magazine and they have articles that say things like: “On Sept. 23rd, 75 million B.C. in the Jurassic a pterodactyl stepped on a fern.” Well Sept. 23, 75 million B.C. didn’t exist. Pterodactyls weren’t using that calendar. That is just a projection. These are programs that are so engrained in our mind that it is almost impossible to think of life without them and yet they are totally arbitrary. Go from one place to another and in one place a certain day doesn’t mean anything and in another place everyone is hooked on that day.

Do you know how many calendars are used by people in the world today? There are still a great number of calendars. Though, like everything else in terms of biodiversity the use of calendars has shrunk and the dominant calendar or the global standard is the Gregorian calendar. Do you like living on the Vatican’s time? This is what it is. You can read Vatican church books about the calendar in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth century and one of the things they are very proud of is that even though most of the people in the world aren’t Catholic they are using their calendar and living on their time.

Why are we using that calendar? Simply because of the flukes of history. History is written by the people who dominate, by the people who conquer, by the people who win. The Gregorian calendar happened to be the calendar of the dominant civilization. The Gregorian calendar reform was created at that time also to impose it on the conquered indigenous peoples. So what was the Mayan calendar and what did it have to do with today? We started talking about 2012. Despite the fact that we live in a Gregorian dominated world, 2012 rings bells with just about everybody. It’s in our DNA.

Why did it happen that our population exploded from half a billion people 250 years ago to 12 fold at more than 6 billion today? A calendar is a programming device and so is the clock. The clock is the microprogramming device and the calendar is the macro programming device. The macro schedules you out for a year. What is a year? People think of a year as when you take down one calendar and put up the next years calendar. The only reason you need a next year’s calendar is because the calendar is screwy and January 1 might have been a Saturday last year but you are not sure what day it’s going to be next year—so it keeps Hallmark industry in business.

A year is the time it takes the Earth to go around the sun once. A year is an orbital measure. If you want a standard of measure, you want even units of measure and you want the units to correspond: 30, 31, 30, etc., is not even units of measure. And the micro units in that, the seven weeks, they don’t measure up with the macro units—the months. Today is Friday, January 30th, of course there won’t be a Feb. 30th, but what day of the week will March 30th be? Right now most people don’t have a clue. So nothing measures up and you can’t do calculations very quickly on it, that’s why you have to take out your day timer and look it up. You can see how this programs us for a certain amount of confusion. It is at a very subtle unconscious level but it is pervasive. Then the clock is the microprogramming device. Like, “I’ve got ten minutes to go,” or “I’ll meet you at a quarter to two,” or “Your hour is up you owe me 4 hundred dollars.”

This brings us to the philosophy of “Time is Money,” absolutely everything in this society is prorated according to the clock. Everything is prorated as money according to the clock. The clock came to perfection in the early 17th century, not too long after that the first stock markets and banks were created. With the combination of an irregular and irrational calendar–we are programmed for irrationality: irrational laws, irrational customs. The combination of an irregular, irrational standard of measure which is not really a standard measure with an artificial mechanistic clock creates an unconscious timing frequency which governs the pace of the society. This is why we are accelerating.

The Gregorian calendar is hopelessly entropic and the mechanistic clock, like the paradox of going half a distance, every day and never getting there, creates smaller and smaller micro units which cause us to accelerate. Now we are on nanoseconds. And the nanotechnology. This represents an actual acceleration. So you have a combination of the irregular calendar and the mechanical clock which results in the creation of the machine technology called industrialism. You have to remember that the clock was the first machine. From that machine the basis of all other machines became possible.

Everything is based on the clock and the clock is accelerating. The clock created the machine and the machine began in the Industrial Revolution, 250 years ago and the population started to increase. Why? Because unconsciously the human DNA is accelerating. Once you create a machine technology and a machine culture you have an uprooting of people from rural areas that go to the urban areas to work on the machines. Every generation of machine goes faster and faster. The machine propagates and multiplies just like any other biological organism. The machine is a function of the human being. The human being multiplies and propagates and the machine multiplies and propagates. The machine usually has a shorter life than the human. So the generations of machines are faster. As the generation of machines goes faster and the speed of the machine accelerates, so the human being goes faster. The population goes faster and you need more people to run all the machines and soon you have a runaway situation—because the machine depends on natural resources which creates the stock markets, the commodities markets.

Then you have the creation of artificial forms of transportation—first the steam locomotive and then the automobile and the great shipping industries and then finally the airline industry. This creates havoc on the environment. Not only is the machine being extruded by the human organism faster and faster but it is needing more and more natural resources and creating more and more waste. The fact is that the human technological civilization uses resources faster than they can be replaced and creates more waste that can be taken care of it. So at one point there is going to be no resources and nothing but waste.

So it is really fortunate that 2012 is such a short time away because we have hit an exponential curve. The 9-11 was the puncture in the technosphere that said, “You have reached your limit, you better start rethinking how you are doing things.” We think that this person was responsible or that person was responsible or the al-Queda or the CIA or whoever did it—but the fact is that from a higher point of view that was an inevitable event. It was an inevitable event because the human species had reached the limits of its growth of devouring the biosphere, its natural habitat. A signal was sent then through the civilization to indicate that that moment had come. We could have had any number of reactions at that moment. We could have said, “Wow are we so bad that we caused other people to do that to us?” or “Why did this happen?”

No, the first thing to do was to attack Afghanistan which seemed to have very little to do with it. And then second prepare for war because Saddam Hussein was thought to have weapons of mass destruction which Colin Powell now says he didn’t. These are defensive retrenchment reactions particularly against the fear of the loss of control of the machine. This is really what the underlying script is. We have to face the fact that as a species we have reached our limits of artificial technology and machine technology.

If you could see a time lapse movie of the Earth from 1750 to 2004, you would see a cancerous invasion, devouring forests, polluting the skies, polluting the ocean, spreading out everywhere in greater and greater numbers and in greater and greater concentration until you reach a point where we are today. How much farther will it go? How much more can the ionosphere take? How much more global warming can it take? In the papers you read that they are expecting one third of the species to go extinct because of global warming. Enough has already happened. We have already irrevocably altered our evolution and the evolution of the Earth.

The Law of Time is based on the knowledge of the Mayan calendar. If you go to Kitt Peak Observatory outside of Tuscon, Arizona there is a great array of telescopes, including the Vatican’s official telescope. On the side of the visitors building there is a mosaic mural of Mayan civilization. The text says, “The Mayan calendar is more accurate and precise than the calendar we use today.” If that is true and these people are scientists then why don’t they use it?

If you want to have a really radical revolution, get rid of the calendar—that will revolutionize everything very fast. The Law of Time is rooted in the knowledge of the Mayan calendar which is more precise and scientific than the calendar we use today. Who were the Maya? At their heyday, 1300 years ago, the Mayan civilization throughout Central America and Southern Mexico had a very elaborate civilization which was called Stone Age, they didn’t have metallurgy—late Neolithic, but fantastic hieroglyphic writing and the most incredible mathematical calendrical astronomical system on Earth. Their mathematics was based not on ten-decimal- but on twenty-vigesimal- and also a positional zero which gave them a great advantage in computation of large astronomical numbers. They also used at least 17 calendars simultaneously. They knew that time is not what is measured by a clock. Time is not money. Time is not dependent or based on an irregular measure of twelve months, because twelve doesn’t go into 365 or 364 at all.

The Mayans knew that time is the universal factor of synchronization. Time is the cause of synchronicity. Synchronicity is the actual nature of the universe. Their mathematics they understood through the use of the different calendars that synchronize the Earth, the moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius. So they were taking measurements of synchronicity—that is radically different from our concept of time. Our concept of time is linear, mechanistic and entropic and since we are all hooked on it, it is taking us with it and leading us into a black hole of consciousness. The Mayans knew that time is a factor of synchronization.

The original Maya were interdimensional galactic travelers. They had been scoping out the solar system and this part of the galaxy for a very long time. They had been on a number of other systems. They came to this system probably around the time of the birth of the Buddha, 2500 years ago. The Maya created a civilization in Mesoamerica far away from Babylonia where they could develop their time science experiments in the synchronization of this planet with the rest of the solar system and the rest of this part of the galaxy.

The Mayan civilization blended in with other shamanic cultures of that area and they knew exactly when the point of Babylonian history begin, which corresponded to what they call the beginning of the Great Cycle on August 13, 3113 B.C. They operated in baktun cycles and the tenth baktun cycle from 435 A.D. to 830 A.D. was the peak of their civilization. They built many cities and temple sites through the jungles, which were all coordinated. They were all on the same timing system, leaving the Long Count. You can find some of these places where you find dates hundreds of millions and even billions of years in the past.

Precisely at the end of the tenth baktun cycle 830 A.D. most of the Mayans had gone. They said, “We are shutting it down, the experiment is done. Leave the clues and let them figure it out.” The ones who didn’t go back interdimensionaly remain and are the indigenous Maya today, chief among them are the Quiche Maya in Guatemala, the Yucatec Maya in Yucatan and then the Lacandon in Chiapas. The Quiche Maya still keep the Long Count, the count of days. Despite the controversy that 2012 already happened they verify that the date 4 Ahau which was the first date of the cycle, August 13, 3113 B.C. and 4 Ahau, Dec. 21, 2012—the end of the cycle.

What the Maya knew is that the creation of a Babylonian civilization based on erroneous timing factors would create the kind of monstrosity of global civilization that we have today. They left behind prophecies, specifically for this time. The key that unifies all prophecies is the prophecy of 2012. The first stage even of this prophecy was the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, August 16 and 17. What was this prophecy about? What did that say? That prophecy said that a whole cycle had come to an end on that day August 16, the cycle of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells—which was the cycle basically from the closing down of the Mayan civilization to this point 25-26 years short of Dec. 21, 2012. This was the opening of the gates of prophecy. The 144,000 awakened sun dancers got the message on August 16, that then would be moving into the final cycle. This final cycle is the time of prophecy. The sign of this was the Supernova 1987A which was sighted about six months before the Harmonic Convergence, the first Supernova in more than 400 years, the only Supernova in the thirteenth and final baktun.

The whole exponential acceleration that we have been talking about occurred completely in the thirteenth baktun, which began in 1618 with Galileo and Descartes, which was the beginning of the Scientific Revolution and the perfection of mechanical time and the beginning of the Industrial Age. And the exponential curve since 1960 is now going straight up. The Harmonic Convergence prophecy said that we have completed the cycle which means there are 25 years to go before the real New Age begins.

A lot of people thought the New Age began at the Harmonic Convergence. The real New Age won’t begin until after 2012. This cycle between 1987 and 2012 was the time when, according to the 2012 prophecy, humanity has the choice to either make it Hell on Earth or make it Heaven on Earth. And the difference between these two depends on whether or not the human beings can wake up to the fact that their artificial civilization is destroying the Earth and can they make the move to returning to living in the cycles of nature or the universal cycles.

How in the world are we going to fulfill the 2012 prophecy in a positive way so we create Heaven on Earth? How are we going to get humanity to be living in the natural cycles of the universe? How are we going to get to real cosmic consciousness? In late 1989 came the discovery of the timing frequencies showing that there is a natural universal timing frequency which synchronizes everything in the universe. This very moment runs everywhere through the universe. This is how there can be telepathy from one distant place to another. Where even light might slow down, telepathy gets there. The velocity of time is instantaneously infinite—it is faster than light. Therefore time is the carrier of telepathy.

So there is a natural timing frequency which the Maya mathematically knew had the ratio constant of 13 to 20. The tzolkin, the sacred calendar is based on that 13:20. 13 x 20 is the 260-day cycle. When you understand this you see that the whole of modern civilization is like a runaway truck ready to roll off a cliff because it was operating on timing standards that are unconsciously embedded in its psyche. The clock is glamorized. The watch is glamorized. And everything is based on that. But the fact is the civilization is in the process of destroying its support system—the biosphere—because it is eating up faster than it can replenish in order to keep its machines going.

So the natural universal frequency is 13:20 ratio. But it is the artificial timing frequency that is governing the whole of globalization or global civilization and that is the 12:60, irregular 12 month calendar, 60 minute mechanical clock. And the combination of these two creates the 12:60 timing frequency, which is an unconscious mechanistic timing frequency that is continuously accelerating as the human race expands and as the machine goes faster. This is the cause of the human deviation from nature. As long as we are living on this timing frequency we are going to go farther and farther away from the universal natural cycles. As we go farther away we get out of touch with our own nature and we get out of touch with the Great Nature.

So what do we do about this? We have to get back into the 13:20 timing frequency. The first step you have to take is to change the calendar. One of the many calendars the Maya used was the 13 moon 28-day calendar, this is a natural cycle. If the human race is to be reintegrated with nature we have to get back into a calendar that calibrates us according to the natural biological cycle of the female. Then we are back in our biology and our biology is in rhythm with the biosphere, and that way we can beat the 2012 prophecy and return to living back in the cradle of nature once again. This is simply a message. Some people say the message is too simple. But then we are so addicted to complexity that things that are too simple we want to dismiss. But it is this simple.

We are all on the Road to 2012 now, no one here gets out alive. We have to get to the end of the cycle of history. This is what is happening. All of history is winding down. There are reactionaries who don’t want it to wind down. There are fundamentalists who are angry because they got too oppressed. So everything is going crazy and is only going to get crazier. So the question is what can we do to not be disempowered in the midst of all the craziness?

The first step, according to this message, is that we have to change our timing frequency. The way you change your timing frequency is you change your calendar. This is a revolutionary tool. Hundreds of thousands of people on the planet today are now making this change. They understand the message. We have to change our frequency. If we as a species want to avoid the worst we have to make the shift to getting back to the timing cycles of the universal nature of the cosmic order. Thirteen moons, 28 days.

We are synchronizing different calendars and different energies. The 260-day cycle is the fourth-dimensional calibrator. The 28-day cycle is the third-dimensional calibrator. So we are putting a fourth-dimensional and a third-dimensional together, which synchronize precisely every 52 years. On this calendar in 52 years no two days are the same. The 28-day cycle is a perpetual cycle—every 21st day of every moon is always a Silio day every year. But the fourth-dimensional calibrator changes on it so you get surprises all the time. This is how you can begin to map synchronicity.

When you start living on this calendar you are definitely making a paradigm shift. Remember a calendar is a programming device. If you have a calendar that is an absolute harmonic perfection then you are going to be programming your mind, your life and your society for harmonic perfection. The reason history exists at all at this point is because the Gregorian calendar is irregular. But there is a secret that very few people know: the Gregorian calendar runs on 28-year cycle. 28 years before 2001, for instance, was 1973, this is when the Twin Towers were dedicated. They lasted one 28-year Gregorian cycle. 28 years before 1973 it was 1945 and it was Hiroshima and Nagasaki—the beginning of real nuclear terrorism. 28 years before that it was 1917 and America entered the First World War—the Russian Revolution. 28 years before it was 1889, and if you like towers, the Eiffel Tower was built. These are programs. The Gregorian calendar plays in big 28-year phonograph record sweeps of time. Do you want to live on the Gregorian calendar until 2029?

The Pentagon hopes it is reconstructed by 2012. By 2029 they want nothing but the whole world. Remember a calendar is a programming device. You can change your program. The Foundation for the Law of Time is the organizational front for the 2012 prophecy. Our aim is to help people wake up and to educate them to the fact that they can begin to make a very interesting empowerment in their life by changing their calendar and living on another time. This July 25-26 is what is referred to as the time of the Great Calendar Change. This calendar has been spreading around the world since 1993, a little more than ten years ago. In Brazil this year they have printed a million pocket calendars and gave them away. You can find them in Japan and many different versions in Russia and in virtually every country in the world. The message is going out everywhere that it is time to change the time.

The point is that we are on the Road to 2012 and the world is going to continue to change very dramatically. Some of the Maya elders believe that when we get to 2012 there won’t be very many of us here. That what happens after 2012 is that we enter into a whole new age and into a whole new cycle. According to the 2012 prophecies if we make it successfully to Dec. 21, 2012 then on July 26, 2013 there is going to be a point called Galactic Synchronization, which is a solar event. All of this is actually a solar event. This is why the Maya talk about the coming Solar Age. This is why the sun has been experiencing dramatic changes since 1987.

The sunspot cycles have been more incredible than have ever been observed—not that we have been observing them long, but nonetheless they have been very dramatic. Sunspots run in 23-year cycles. The cycle peaks after 11.5 years and then switches polarity and in another 11.5 years it completes its cycle. The current sunspot cycle began in 1989 and had a big peak in 2000-2001 and it peaks again in 2012. So we are all concurrent with the changes in the sun which is changing our atmosphere as we are changing our own atmosphere.

What is being asked of the human beings is to get with the program and synchronize again with the cosmic cycles. If we can do this then we’ve made a big step in our evolution. There have been other attempts to change the calendar. One of the major agendas of the League of Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations, was to change the calendar. Ninety-seven percent of the people involved in making the change were in favor of one particular calendar, and that is the 13 Month, 28-day calendar. This calendar was promoted by the International Chamber of Commerce and industrialists like Eastman Kodak; at least, they said, it would make accounting easier. But it didn’t happen because there was too much propaganda from the Vatican.

On Jan. 1, 1933 when the calendar was supposed to be changed it didn’t happen. Why? Because the 13 month calendar has 28 days each moon or month and 13 x 28 = 364, the 365th day is no day of the week or month at all in order for the calendar to remain perpetual. The 365th day is the Day out of Time and is synchronized to occur every July 25 on the Gregorian calendar. The Vatican said if the null day (or Day out of Time) was observed then it would break the succession of the week which was set in motion by God at the beginning of creation. This is not true. The week was invented by the Babylonians and incorporated in the Hebrew calendar before the Julian calendar picked it up. The Vatican said that if a null day (or Day out of Time) was observed it would plunge the world into chaos, terrorism and war. Sound familiar? History is a function of irregularity. There is no history in harmony. Everything equalizes out and there are just more and more intense degrees of beauty and quality.

The Day out of Time is celebrated increasingly around the planet. In Brazil more than 80 cities recognize the Day out of Time as an official holiday of peace and culture. The Banner of Peace is the official symbol for the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, it was brought into the world by Nicholas Roerich, the great Russian artist in 1928. In 1935, the Banner of Peace was the principle part of something called the Roerich Peace Pact which said that in times of war this banner should fly over all cultural institutions and historical monuments. This Peace Pact was signed by Franklin Roosevelt and all the heads of Pan American nations as well as many other nations.

Since the human civilization is at war with our biosphere, we should fly the Banner of Peace everywhere to show the protection of the biosphere as the cradle of human culture. This year Sao Paolo, Brazil, the largest city in the world has made the Day out of Time an official holiday with the Banner of Peace as the official banner for that holiday. In Japan, Day out of Time festivals are very big. Kitaro is now involved in the Day out of Time festivals at Mount Fuji, for instance.

Since the Day out of Time this year falls on a Sunday we should all try to create 3-day events and then on July 26 Blue Crystal Storm there should be proclamations of the Great Calendar Change. The gist of the calendar change is this: Because a critical minority of people have already made the change, therefore the calendar has changed. We are just moving ahead and we’re putting out the invitation to the rest of humanity to join us in making this change, so that when we get to 2012 we have humanity back in the cycles of nature.

So this is broad vision of the meaning of being on the Road to 2012 and the main point of it is that there is real hope. This is something that is truly new. The Law of Time is such that it actually constitutes an entirely new science because we have never known time like this before. There are many educational tools developed and many levels of understanding and knowledge that you can go into with the Law of Time. Fundamentally, the Law of Time describes a new order of reality called the synchronic order which is the fourth dimensional mental order of reality.

As the fourth-dimensional mental order of reality, the synchronic order is pure synchronicity. Everything is in a state of synchronicity, actually, and everything is in a state of telepathy. All the species have their telepathy. The ants know exactly what they are all doing as do the dolphins. We will all have our telepathy, too, when we are all synchronized in the natural time. Remember the velocity of time is instantaneously infinite—that’s the carrier of telepathy. When we are all living in natural time that telepathy will be restored. The other formulation of the Law of Time is “Energy factored by Time equals Art.”

Time being understood as the 13:20 frequency. This is why you’ve never seen an ugly sunset. Because it’s all art. Absolutely everything is art. The whole of the universal construct is a huge fabulous work of art. That is why we love to get out in nature because it is an unbeatable work of art. As plants flower, human’s art. That is a real function in nature—to improve the whole quality of life through our skill as artful beings. That is why the organization of the Foundation for the Law of Time is referred to as the Planet Art Network and the whole idea is to realize the whole earth as a work of art. And when we get to 2012 that is our big project—to transform everything that has become industrial sewage and waste into a work of art so that the planet itself becomes the greatest work of art that we could ever imagine celebrating.

In the natural time the philosophy is not “Time is Money,” but “Time is Art.” Everything depends on the quality of what you do. Everything depends on the quality of your interaction with space, with other people and how you relate to your own time. We have a greater destiny than being consumers—a far greater destiny than that. As soon as we can wake up from that particular dream the better. The fate of humankind was not to build shopping centers and freeways, but to cultivate telepathy and the higher mental/spiritual values.

There is no more future in physical plane materialist evolution—it has run out of steam and energy. The future of our evolution is mental and spiritual, to go to the fourth dimension. We live in the fourth dimension already but we don’t have the tools to know it. Our dreams and imagination take us to the fourth dimension. Whenever we have a synchronicity we get excited. What if all of life were one continuing synchronicity? We would get really excited. We wouldn’t need movie theaters. When we have telepathy we won’t need the Internet. And because everyone would know what everyone else was doing no one would allow anyone to send anyone else spam.

This all starts with one simple change: Change your frequency, change your time, change your mind. Create a paradigm shift. This is the most subtle and powerful revolution going on the planet today and that’s because it’s time. It’s truly time. The next stage of evolution will create us into a telepathic organism, truly the planetary human in touch with itself everywhere around the planet. This will spring into manifestation what is known as the noosphere or the mental sphere of the planet, which obviously operates on telepathy. This is our evolutionary purpose. This is why we have been placed on this Earth.

When telepathy is the norm we will have a completely wireless civilization. We will then be able to correct our genetic deficiencies that cause us to have shoe stores and indoor plumbing. The other species don’t need that stuff, they are not defective like we are. We are on an interesting learning curve. We will correct our genetic deficiencies. We will become the dolphins of the atmosphere. We will high wire the noosphere and we will be in a whole other evolutionary state. And it begins with changing your timing frequency. Getting out of that old program and getting into the natural cycles.

Thank you for that explora. I am noticing more syncronicity every day and others around me are too. In the middle of all this chaos there is a small, calm point which every-thing rotates around.

That took a really long time to read - but it was an interessting read, so it wasn’t time wasted :wink:.

Hm, it’ll be interessting to see what happens in 2012. We’ll discover for sure whether this is all true or not. Unfortunatly, if it is all correct, it would be too late (unless we had already made the change).

Wow, that was a long read. Wow… Um…that is very interesting. What is the Planet Art Network’s plan for implementing the 13 Moon Calendar in the United States? If that could be accomplished, then the rest of the world would find it much easier to convert to this calendar, except Muslims i suppose, considering they still use the calendar set by Muhammad, stating that this year is 1383. And maybe the Chinese with their calendar, I’m not too sure. The U.S. would be much harder to “convert” than Brazil… :sad: Did the Mayans know exactly what will take place on Dec. 21, 2012? Until I started reading about the 13 Moon calendar, I hadn’t even thought about the year 2012. This article you wrote is very dreary and promising at the same time. :eh:

Can I get a summary, I read about 1/3 and then decided it was to long :confused:

lol, it took me a few hours to read, but you can’t really summarize it. If you try to just give the main ideas, then you won’t agree with them, because you need things to back them up. So, I would just suggest reading the rest of it in your spare time, it’s a great “book”:).

Thankyou for posting that, Its cool that I happen to read this today, because in the past week I could feel something was changing again, I can feel like these cycles of change in my life, and it has been getting alot stronger. I remmber how I felt on Sept 11th, and even in the few mouths before you could feel a charge in the atmosphere, did anyone else feel something before Sept 11th?

soooooo, where can i get one? a 13-moon calendar from the Mayan. Can i like print one out online or something?



Glad you enjoyed the read dreammusic. It was nice to think that people were engaged by the ideas presented in this article.

I would enjoy hearing others experience of synchronicity in waking life, because I like seeing how people act upon the things that life throws up at them. Many of my favourite experiences of syncronicity seem to happen when i’m on the train, etc. It’s almost like the events that take place, and people that appear, actually present answers to thoughts/questions that may have had during the day.

Having followed the Dreamspell for a few years now, I have ntoiced how i always seem to hook up with people at just the right time. Those chance meetings on the street with an old friend seem to happen so much more often.

Sureal Yes. I agree it will be interesting to see what happens in 2012. My personal take, is that it’s not so much something that’s going to be instantaneous, but rather the year’s around will be surrounded by a heightened acceleration of our collective spiritual evolution. I’m not sure if I have the wording right, but I believe the solstice sun is in alignment with the galactic center during the years 1980-2016. In a sense, this means that right now we have a great opportunities to that connect to that source, and stream of galactic energies, and an opportunity to set something beautiful in motion, for the beginning of the new cycle…


well, that was certainly an interesting read…

I never knew that there were plans to change the calendar :eek:

I’m going to look into the mayan calendar more (starting with the threads on this forum :content: ) and see what i think after that.

I agree with it being a more rational calendar…

…so much more colourful too :tongue:

That was a great read, I’m yet to get my calendar for the new year as well. You can be it will be a mayan one, now as I do with most things spread the info to all friends and accquaintances.

I’m in australia myself, will check out these planet art meetings if possible

hey plehrar.

Here’s the website for PAN Australia.


Our big event coming up is called AlterNation. Biospheric Congress. My experiences with the Planet Art Network, have been very rewarding. I’ve hooked up with people of so many diverse interests - and learnt so much.

Here’s a diary that syncs up the Dreamspell with the Gregorian New Year (jan 1st)

There are also others that begin on July 26 (the true 13 moon new year)


Hey Explore, was just wondering since you are from Melbourne and all if you have anything to do with the website 2012.com.au. If you haven’t yet been there it has some interesting ideals along with some crazy alien cult stuff but mainly the information that is there is a really awesome perspective on a lot of things.


Nice to meet another australian dreamer. It is good to feel the network growing here!

I have come across the 2012.com.au website a few times before. It’s an intriguing site. I am a bit skeptic of some of the info, but I guess the site does have an interesting array of links - and some eye-opening perspectives to share.

Hope to see you around here more often…


I hadn’t read the entire message that was posted there, but from the lookes of it it seemed like a very insightful read. Perhaps I will bookmark this page and read it at a more convenient time.

As for so many ancient cycles pointing at that same date, that is astonishing. There could be several things that the year 2012 could possibly represent…positive or negative.

Explorer, Like wise to meet another dreamer also, this lucid dreaming is a new experience for me but I like the positive vibes so far.
Yeah, I agree about 2012, there is a lot of information there that is an interesting outlet. There is a very alien cultish tone that fabricates and uses alot of facts for a different purpose.


Oh well, if the Skies turn Red, we’ll still have one year to get the hell out of Dodge. :smile:

There’s always something funny with apocalyptic and catastrophic dates it’s that they’re placed not too close in time so as to not be treated as a fool when the date pass and nothing happens and not too far so people get interested in it in the contrary with some real threats like climate change which will concern only our grandchildren, at least according to the mass point of view.

Now with the calendar change, why not live without any calendar. I know it wouldn’t help for accountability but if “We will become the dolphins of the atmosphere” (8D so funny), I assume we won’t care a shit (<- automatic censorship, i love PC) about economy and just live happily in total “synchronicity” :content: . Moreover there can be problems with too much synchronicity, as there is with too much of anything.
And maybe not everybody want to live like an ant.
Saying “time is art” seem as false as “time is money” the other way around, why not let time be time:
an ungraspable concept which keeps a bit of mystery instead of categorizing everything in cycles and coincidences.

And as for making the world heaven or hell, I believe it comes from lot of little acts rather than from a big magic miracle summoned by changing my calendar (lmao as I’m writing, sorry if it seems disrespectful). It’s not even romantic, it’s like saving the world by changing my toilet paper, but at least I would save some trees in this proccess :tongue: .

I really hope Im still into LDing when 2012 gets here. I have a feeling something will take place in dreams that night, that is if I can even sleep. I dont know what it will be, maybie just a big shared dream, or maybie our spirit guids will give us a message.