One eye stuck closed?

Hey, I’ve been having this issue within the last week, and I’ve noticed some others complain about it as well.

I’m having an issue with one of my eyes trying to close while lucid. After the eye shuts, things start to get hazy and it takes a lot of time and effort to save the dream (which I don’t really mind). The biggest thing that’s bothering me is that when I try to open the dream eye, my RL eye starts to open instead, which greatly jeopardizes the dream.

Like said, this has only happened in my last couple of LD’s, and I’m not extremely worried about it at the moment. Still, it can get quite frustrating. Is there anyone else with this problem that had found a way around it, just in case I run into it again?

I guess I can repost my answer here as well (from Mason’s DJ), for others’ reference.

It happened to me to, more than once, and while I don’t know the meaning or reason of this, the solution is not caring about it at all, since there is no real eye that keeps itself closed, and the only thing you have to do to see is to imagine what you want to see. With doing this, I got out of having both dream eyes closed at the same time, and the point is, they really didn’t open, I just visualized a new scene and was fine with it.

Thanks for the help it happend to me too today…I’ll try it again if it happens again.

At first I didn’t think that I had this experience, but after a while I think I had something somewhat similar to it. I don’t exactly remember my eye closing, but when I’m trying to give an effort to do something (like walking through a wall), I find myself back in bed. I think I actually woke up for a nanosecond IRL in bed then went back to sleep, and I continue the dream by getting up from the bed (in the dream). It happened quite often in the dream, too. :razz: