One of the most easiest ways to become lucid (on my terms)

I am more likely to become lucid if i stay up late at night and have ALOT of energy,. This is what i do:

        1: get very engertic, dosen't matter how, sugar ,tv , games anything :hurray:  :hurray:  :bounce:  :cookiemon: 
        2: once thats done get i get in bed with my arms at my side and i repeat a couple words, the strange thing is the words don't have anything to do with LDing they could be "i like pickles!!" or something of that effect.
       3: next visualize my self from above as best as i can fro about 30 seconds while repeating a word. this gets me very very relaxed.
       4: then i snapp myself back to really w/out doing any RC's then i just stare into my eyelids and colors of yellow, orange, pink red start moving aroung in my eyes like a lava lamp :crazy: .
       5: then they stop and i feel myself falling through my body as if i were sinking, when this happenes i reapeat the words again which makes me even more tired then i just let my mid wander and i end up bieng lucid :yay:  

has anyone tried this?

no but I might try it after all the other techs I have vowed to try :tongue:

sounds good as I wouldn’t need to do WBTB…

holy crap! I just tried this with a random nap-like thing, but without the nap :tongue: , and when I visualised myself it felt like my ‘spirit’ was being pulled out from my feet - awesome feeling! Maybe this is OOBE? Oh well I got that far in just 20 seconds, this could be my gateway to LDing!!

lol congratz

This method seems to be a variant of WILD. When I attempt WILD, I have seen the lavalamp colours on more than one occasion, however it never seems to get beyond that =0

This sounds nice :happy: I might try it in a second, the only part i may have some trouble on is the energetic thing

Reading this made me laugh, and it made so much sense.

wow this is really unhealthy lol but cool, if it works for you
i mean we all do things that are unhealthy

wTF :eek:
You mean pootohead’s method is unhealthy? no!
These feelings, like falling in nowhere and so on exist because your body enters sleep paralysis, that means he shuts all needless functions down. That happens every night you sleep, but if you don’t care of staying awake, you first start sleeping and after that the body enters the paralysis, so you don’t notice it.

sry for bad english, i’m german :content:


this method is lawltasticly awesome

I’ll try it, but i don’t fall asleep easy

correction. I fall asleep fine when i am not thinking about falling asleep :ack:

My biggest problem with LDing is that it usually takes me at least an hour to get to sleep. Any techs like this get boring llong before I fall asleep .:razz:

Ill give it a try tonight tho.

Sounds weird, but might be THE Way.
I’ll Give It a shot

i am glad you discovered a tech that works good for you!!
when i try anything like that i never fall asleep so…

but congrats!

Sounds like a great technique. I’m definitely going to try this, I might start tonight!

nice, ill probly try something to this effect tonight.

Wow! I believe this could work!
Give it a try tonite!

Actually I tried the method - two times.
First night: Everything worked well, but my problem was that everytime I’ve got hypnagogic imagery I opened my eyes automatically. :cry:
So for the 2nd night I really concentrated on not doing that. But then…
A damned midge. Hell! I’m from germany and it’s spring. Normally there are no midges.
Anyway, this little beast flew around me, I tried to stay in my status of hypnagogic imagery and then the midge sat down on my left cheek. I couldn’t concentrate anymore and I had to search my anti-midge-toxic-stuff in my room. After all I was as sleepy as I couldn’t focus my attention anymore.

But tonite I’ll try it again :content: