One or the Other

If you had the choice which one would you choose, to live forever or to have all the knoledge in the universe?

I would live forever (assuming that the universe will not end in a crunch or anything like that, and assuming that i would only live ~70-80 years with the other option and assuming that i can’t get permanently disabled) If i could live forever i ccould experience anything i wanted and not be afraid of death. I could jump off buildings for fun. I could also watch the world advance and see the progress that the world makes. I could be a very good history teacher. I could learn all the languages on the planet and perhaps learn most of the interesting stuff i would know if i had all the knowledge in the universe.

But i would choose to have all the knowledge in the universe if a part of that knowledge was how to live forever :wink:

Dreamwalker what would you like yourself?



The answer is simple. I would choose to have all the knowlegde in the universe, because then I would know how to mess around with my genes so that they could make me live forever :content:

I would choose all the knowledge in the universe. I would know all the answers we all wondered about.Like why we are here? Why the universe is the way it is? Is there other life out there? Living forever would have it’s advantages. The downside is you would stop trying to get close to people because they would die at some time and you would keep living.(kinda like in the movie highlander were the girl gets old and dies and he stays the same) Eventually you would shut down emotionally and become some cold hearted person not wanting to deal with people anymore. It would be a very lonely life.

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    If you choose one you can only have that one. You can’t choose the knowledge and use it to live forever. If you choose to live forever you would learn alot but you wouldn’t know evrything.

You might know how to mess around with your genes but would you have the equipment to do it and the ability to do it? You might spend your whole life trying to find the equipment and then die. But i guess if you knew everything you would know where to go to get the equipment and if you would actually succeed.

I think there is one disadvantage to knowing everthing. You would know everyone on the planett and all there thoughts and secrets. There wouuld be no point in trying to get close to someone because you would know everything about them and they would know nothing about you- sort of cheating in my opinion. But, there wouuld also be no surprises in your life. Most likely the instant you get all the knowledge in the universe you will want to die and know when and how you do.

Sure, you could help the human race become better, but in you knew anything would you really think its worth it, you would know that we would all end up dead anyway.

If you live forever you might become a little arrogant and ignore people, but after a few hundered years on your own you would learn to go out and meet people.

Hmmm… If I can’t learn how to live forever by picking all knowlegde, that question is a little bit difficult :confused: I will have to list the pros and cons. Sorry if it gets too long.

Living forever
You can see how the human race will developeYou can see if we really make it to the stars (like in Star Trek :smile: )You have all the time you need to learn and do anything you want toYou can take advantage of the technical development and do stuff that is considered impossible today, but possible in something like 100 years or longer. Like going to the moon as a touristLike alex said, you will become the world’s best history teacherYou can do anything dangerous you want to and still don’t dieCons:
If Earth is hit by an asteriod and mankind can’t escape or Earth is destroyed by an armageddon war, where are you going then? Just floating in space or walking around on a devestated earth isn’t much fun…Like dreamwalker says, it get hard to make close connections to other people, because they keep dyingIf you get tired of it after like 100,000,000 years (it is possible to get tired you know) you canot commit suicideYour memory will be limited, so you will probably forget anything that happend for maybe 200 years ago and before that.If mankind dies out or goes 50,000 years back in development you might get really depressed :shy:Getting infinite time to do anything might bore you, having tight time schemes is sometimes nessecairly to get things done.Having all knowlegde in the universe
You will know everything you will ever need to know, both for everyday life, for realising your dreams and for helping mankindYou will be the best teacher everYou could make a lot of money on teaching people stuffYou will possible become a celebrityYou will know how to get full-blown LDs at a minial effort :cool_laugh: You can impress anyone :wink:You will know everything you need to get the best possible life quality :content: You will know the reason with life, and answers to any other questions you might wonder aboutCons:
I really can’t find anyone. You will know everything you need to get the best possible life. If there is any cons, you will know what you need to avoid these.

Sum summarus I think I will choose having all knowlegde. It is better to have a short life knowing how to make it the best possible, and actually doing it, than live 100,000 mediocre years. And if you get tired of knowing everything, it is better than getting tired of living forever, because then you can at least finally die from it :smile:

Thanks for all the reply’s. More on my choice of all knowledge is I would use this to help human kind to fix the world from polution. I could use this to achieve global peace also. With all the knowledge I would know how to make the world the perfect Utopia. I thought of another con for being able to live forever. What if you got stuck somewhere and couldn’t get free. How long would you be stuck there? What if it caused you to go crazy?
That would suck. Well can’t wait to hear more from you.

One con to having all the knowledge is that if you knew that someone was going to die but you also kmight know that it is impossible to save them. And also there might not be a way for you bring peace to the world because we are all doomed. this would probably make you depressed.
As i also said before if you knew everything you would not be surprised at anything. And if you knew everything you might know that it is best not to know everything. How would you feel then?

If you lived forever then you would have endless chances to LD. And you would probably start seeing people like pets (how they only live a fraction of your life span and then you get a new one) so you wouldn’t get as upset as you would if you only lived a normal life.
One major benefit is you could experience anything and everything.
But one bad thing is if you broke the law and got put in prison for a life sentence.

I’d choose the knowledge. :smile: I agree with JustAnotherAJ strongly. :happy:

I wouldn´t like any of it.
If I had to, I´d also chose knowledge, but I think it would be boring.Of course, you can do what you want, but I don´t think it will be much fun spending lots of money or something if you know about the secrets of human live.

I just want to stay human, at least for this live :wink: