one to muse over.....

Last night i had a dream where i was back in school - the dream (nd) was pretty uneventful. But near the end a girl - who i don’t remember being in my school - turned to me and in a masculine voice said:

Don’t you think it’s time you woke up? Sleeping this long isn’t healthy it’s going to cause you problems.

No other DCs seemed to notice this brief comment - even the girl this person was talking to before she turned to me. I even asked other DC’s if she even spoke to me they looked at me like i was mad.

Question is what in your oppinions caused this odd comment, have i been sleeping too long and my body was communitacing to me subconsciously which manifested in the dream? Was it some weird oddity? Was it one hell of a missed cue letting me know i was DREAMING!? or have i been watching too much Joan of Arcadia lol.

I would say both :tongue:

Seriously though, that seems a bit freaky :panic:
If you have been sleeping much maybe your body knows that it’s not good to sleep too much? I think it’s hard to sleep too much. If I sleep too much I can’t fall asleep before really late in the night, so atleast my sleep seem to adjust itself.

I would say don’t worry too much about it and keep on sleeping for as long as you like :sleep:

How long had you been sleeping for?

6 or 8 hours depending on your view - I slept for 2hrs but had to get up for an hour - when i went back i got 6hrs more sleep.

Had you something special to do this morning ? If not, it seems not to be a problem of sleep duration, more likely a DC preventing you that you were dreaming.