oneiro-temporal phenomena

Hi everyone.

Recently I’ve noticed a strange temporal phenomena in a couple of dreams.

For example, in one dream I was in a black void, no sensation apart from hearing someone desperately shout ‘dont let them take your name’ or words to that effect. Later on, there was a whole crowd of people trying to trick someone into giving their name, and somehow I knew that something bad would happen to that person in that event. After a rescue, subsequent dissapearence, and search the whole dream came full circle, with the same character in the same place with the same crowd, but this time I was on the roof of a building overlooking the whole scene, I wasn’t very lucid, and couldn’t think of anything else to do in time, so I shouted out ‘dont let them take your name’.

In another dream about halfway through there was a flash of light and certain things changed, the only one I remember being a car that was parked was suddenly vertical. Later on I went back in time and something I did caused that car to swerve off the road and crash, ending up vertical, I ended up indirectly causing all of the changes that I had already seen.

:eh: Since these were non-lucid dreams, I can’t be sure if my brain somehow knew in advance what I would do later on, or if it was just filing my memories in partially reversed order, or if the whole dream was scripted somehow, or if the later scenes were generated to match what I had already seen (or heard).

Has anyone else had dreams like this?

Not very common dreams, indeed ! :happy:

But you don’t have to imagine a complex system of reversed memory order. As you said, the last scene just matched the first. It must be psychologically analyzable : you see a scene and the sense of the scene appears when you became actor of it.

Did you see “Lost Highway”, a movie by David Lynch ? In the first scenes, a man in his house hears someone saying “Mr Eddy is dead” through the interphone.
During all the movie, he searchs who this Mr Eddy is and why someone told him he is dead.
In the last scenes, he kills Mr Eddy, go to his own house and says “Mr Eddy is dead” in the interphone.

This movie is inspired by a dream that David Lynch had.

Sounds like an interesting film, I might get a copy.
I thought someone would have had a similar experience, I never expected it to be David Lynch though.
Maybe I just read/watch too much chronologically distorted fiction.

I’m sure David Lynch is a lucid dreamer. In his movies, there are a lot of scenes which really look like LD’s. I remember a scene in “Fire Walk With Me” where Laura Palmer wakes up by night in his room and find a new door on the back wall; scenes in “Twin Peaks” where the detective has strange dreams and speaks with difficulty; in Dune, the Bene Gesserit Voice is just the voice your have when you try to speak loud in a LD, etc. etc.

I had a dream like that this Saturday. It was like two movies, or two parts of a dilogy, both plagiarized from the Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, and I saw the sequel first. So I don’t regret too much that I woke up in the middle of a chase, because I know that I was to die in the second part in any case… :sad: