Online Game Details

Post your online game details here. Your live tags, Wii friend codes, consoles, PC etc.
One post per person, edit your details if you get a new game/change things. Please be clear but concise in your format. When adding another persons information you should inform them you are adding it so that they can add you back.

Here are my codes:
Wii #: 2849-4036-2369-4153
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 3050-7320-8083 (I’m changing it to Miles)

Xfire: bloodredazure

Warcraft III PC:
Sephiroth88, US West
Sephiroth88, US East

X-Box Live Gamertag:
N/A as of present

(i plan on getting live soon)

Steam ID:

Xbox Live ID:

Wii Number:

Super Smash Bros Brawl Number:


Wii Number: 4435 3196 2661 4552

I added KT4all and Wyrmfell.

I would get Super Smash Bros Brawl but its not released in England yet :sad:

Only one I have is xfire.

Xfire: tfomrymidon

Krip vorlund is the name of my char …

All I have is my Brawl friend code right now…

Brawl: 2492-3859-5947 (Named Noki)

Steam/BF2 ID

Out of curiosity, anyone here up for organizing an LD4All Brawl? lol rhyme

What time would everyone interested be available?

xbox live:

perfect world:

I’m up for it. I won’t get home until later tonight and I let someone borrow my game while I was out of town, so maybe tomorrow?

Actually, I’ve got a competition all day tomorrow , so it would have to be Sunday. That’ll hopefully also give some time for more people to join it.