Hey, has anybody ever experienced an OOBE?, could you share that experience. And tell me how you did it. And do you have to be lucid to have an OOBE?

no, you don’t have to be lucid first to have an OOBE… but lots of people have them that way

Is their an easy way, or a state of mind to get into to induce an OOBE?. I had one once, but I didnt know what was going on and it frightened me. I was dreaming, (i guess), and my friend gave me a bong to smoke, but it wasnt weed. And i smoked it then fell to the ground and he was laughing, then I thought i woke up, but my body was just numb and getting weird vibrations. I began to feel myself come out of my body, but I quickly snapped out of it and really woke up with a weird scary feeling that I had a nightmare.

I’ve had about 12 total OBEs with 9 in the last 2 weeks. I probably could have had over 100 separations already but I panic a lot when the vibes come which ruins it. It’s actually pretty easy to achieve if you can get the right state of mind, its best not to put too much emphasis on the technique. I can get the vibes around 90% of the time if I attempt about 15 minutes after waking up.

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I believe OOBE’s are bunk. They’re dreams. Again, the centrifuge example: Pilots in centrifuge have OOBE’s because in times of stress the brain imagines serene pictures like floating or flying or detaching from the body. But they’re just in a centrifuge. All those G’s make your body think it’s dying. That’s also how near death experiences work.

The vibes happen when I WILD. Some people get them and some don’t. It’s just your motor functions shutting down. In normal sleep, you’re unconscious when this happens. You’re just dreaming, buddy. :content:

This would be better in the For all that think OBEs are real part II topic.

This very well may be a way of inducing the experiences with pilots. But so what? Explaining a trigger of an experience does nothing to explain the experience. OBEs have been triggered by orgasms but that does absolutely nothing to explain the nature of the experience. With NDEs there is much more other than the separation that suggests that it is more then a dream. But descriptions of NDEs are far beyond anything described in dreams or LDs.

How do you know that’s all it is? This isn’t in contradiction with common views of OBEs. Most AP authors and OBE’ers take the position that AP and LD are linked and dreams are unconscious OBEs with a hallucinated environment. Not that it makes them true but to discredit OBEs it would have to be established that consciousness and dreams are generated by the brain. That’s not logically possible.

Ap & OBEs first off it’s my belief that OBEs are done via sleep where as APs are done from being awake.

APs are very similar to Remote viewing in that the skilled can actually keep their body awake. While i can’t say with 100% accuracy that obes aren’t dreams (nor can anyone else as there is no way to prove it) what i can tell you is experiences my friend has had.

– It was on hearing my friend had the ability to slip into a medatitive state very easily that i asked her to try some things.

experience #1.

Day 1: While attempting to AP she found her self in a blue room with a door and a black figure. The experience was short and she was awakened by noise.

Day 2: at my request she tried against asking the figure who it was. The black figure replied “anyone you want” she naturally said he best friends name.
From here she found herself watching her friend get ready for school, going to school. She relived the entire day with that friend at school, then back home. Doing homework, eating, changing and other things. Before she willingly ended the experiment and found herself awake.

She then rung her friend and asked her if the things she was seeing (while she was at home) were correct and gave detail on exactly what she was doing, changing into etc. Everything was correct.

-----Experience #2

I asked her to try and visit me through AP giving her a few tips on how to achieve this.

Day 1: She attempted to visit me but instead found her self alone in the blue room and an increasing headache forcing her to wake up. on doing so found herself Stood on her bed.

Day 3: This time she found her self in my room, i appeared as a black figure but she knew it was me. She couldn’t see detail of my room however she could tell me the things i was doing.

Day 6: This time she saw me as i am not as a black figure, the room however was the same but she could make out where certain things like the computer table was. She recalled again what i was doing.

Day 13: This time i asked her to tell me a message that i had wrote on a piece of paper and left on my computer table. She was able to tell me the location of the paper, it’s colour (white easy to guess i know) the approx shape and size of the paper (it was ripped from a larger piece so not a normal size) and the colour of the ink i had used. She said the words were too blurry however for her to read it.

Day 14: She visited me without prior consultation - however i did tell her i sensed something and she stated at one point I looked directly at her. Again she was able to tell me what i was doing and wearing.

I must say if APing is juts dreaming then the details of real life activitis of other people are amazing. - I will state that there is some details that are private that could not be posted like some of the activities that were seen, who people were with and what they were doing.

I would also like to point out the friend in question an internet friend and lives 300miles away, she has never seen my house or inside it yet can tell me where items are located and has previously drawn an accurate layout of my house. So again if they are “just dreams” then she must be psychic lol.

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