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Has anyone ever done anything in real life - believing it to be an LD - and instantly regretted it? Accidentally, of course.

I know people usually intuitively know when they’re not dreaming (if only it were as easy to know when you are dreaming) but maybe an overactive imagination caused an RC to fail or the like.

And before you ask: I can’t say that I have.

Well, my advice is, before you jump out that window do a good reality check - check if you can fly.

And my answer is, nope. Nope I haven’t. :smile: Fortunately.

Very occasionally I’ve wondered if i’m dreaming even though i’m almost certain of being awake. It’s like when i suddenly become very aware of my surroundings after being in a kind of auto-pilot mode. Another way to describe it could be -waking up when i’m already awake.

I’ve never done something in RL believeing i was in a dream though.

I’ve never done something IWL believing I was dreaming either, though I am sometimes scared of jumping out windows even after doing a slew of RC’s proving I’m dreaming.

I often REALLY beleive that i am dreaming, but i never do anything unless my RCs work. Here’s a funny example:

I was in Syria walking past a Music shop named ‘Leader CD’. It was closed, and it was night time and as i was walking past the shop, i saw a Blue logo shining. ‘LD’ :eek:

I did tons of RCs and i was worried that it was really a dream…i mean a big blue LD sign right in front of me! :tongue:

Lol thats awesome!
I keep looking the digital clock all the time so… :content:

Once I saw a red writing in billboard away. I saw text, not clearly, but able read. I turned out my head, and looked again. It was totally diffrent ! I made loads of RC’s, but when I came closer, it turned out that it was on rolls and it rotated between two commercials from time to time. :razz: I was kinda dissappointed.