Opinions for a ND challenge wanted.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, so how about this?

Scoring method ideas V2.0

10 points per ND recalled
15 points per LD recalled
20 points per personal choice incubated dream
20 points per late incubation challenge dream
30 points per current incubation challenge dream
30 points per most interesting Dream Journal vote
30 points per most well written Dream Journal vote

Every few days an Incubation Challenge will be announced. Like every Sunday and Wednesday. Your goal is to recall and record dreams in detail, and to have a dream, lucid or not about the current or past challenge.
For every ND you have you get 10 points. If that dream completes the challenge you get 10 + 20 (for personal or late challenge) or 10 + 30 (for current challenge) Same for an LD 15 + 20 (for personal or late challenge) or 15 + 30 (for current challenge)

Throughout the week the other participants may read your Dream Journal to vote on. They will be voted on best content, and best writing style. Please put a link to your DJ when you sign up.

You have 4 votes, two per category, and one for your first and second picks in each category.
You cannot vote for yourself. (not that you would )
You cannot vote for the same person twice in the same category. Votes may be submitted via post or by pm for sake of being anonymous. You receive 30 points per vote.
You do not have to vote if you do not want to.

Please pre-state your personal challenge upon signup. Once you have completed your challenge you may choose a new one.

Well I guess if no one has any suggestion/ objections I’ll get the signups started in the next few days.

I don’t keep my dreamjournal online here at this site. Does that mean I cannot participate by only posting what I feel are my best dreams for the week?

Yes, I suppose you could just post your better dreams for others to vote on, or you could just do the challenges without having your DJ voted on, but that would put you at a disadvantage. Maybe since you were going to post some anyways you could start a Dream Journal. I’m sure there are lost of people who would love to read your dreams. A good portion of why I made this is to help people improve their DJ quality and to encourage people to read other’s DJs…

you could just make a temp dream journal in the dream journal forum. it can always be removed afterwards if you don’t want it left up.

That sounds like a great idea. I think I’ll start the signups now. You can find them here. If you have any question or suggestion I’ll be glad to help.

:truit: truits self.

added it into sign up topic … how are you going to deal with dream fragments in the points system?

I’ve made the sign-up topic sticky now so it will stay at the top of the page.

I suppose it would be more of a personal choice. For me I would only count dreams I can remember something about, fragments included. So like “I had a dream that had something to do with a car” would count, while “I know I had a dream I just can’t recall anything about it” wouldn’t count. Make sense?

Oh, and no need to truit yourself. Maybe you should check out this topic some more. :razz:

I’ve just had another thought. What about chaining, would you consider this a form of induced dreams? If so we maybe could add in some points for chaining dreams.

Chaining is an induction where you enter a similar dream to the last one without being up too long (DEILD is a good example of chaining :cool_raz: )

That’s what I figured, so how about 10 points per chain?

This is really turning into an all inclusive challenge to improve dreaming habits in general, isn’t it haha. :razz:

Sorry if this was answered already. How often would the challenge run? I was too late to sign up for this first one but I am definitely interested in participating.

Um, actually I’m not exactly sure. The current challenge is planned to run for about 3 more weeks I think. After that, I was planning on letting the winner take over if they wanted to. Otherwise I suppose I will run it again. Signups would probably run for about a week, maybe a week after this challenge ends if I am running it again, so I can have a little break.
So to answer your question probably about 3-4 weeks from now the signups should start. But if someone else is running it it will be up to them. :content:

Couldn’t she come in at the next incubation task?
It’s more about the fun of taking part than winning or losing. :content:

Oh yeah or course that would be fine. To me it just sounded like they wanted to start at the beginning of one, sorry. But it would be perfectly fine with me if they want to start now. :happy:

Sorry, I should have thought of that yesterday :bored: i
If you want to start now just post HERE with a link to your DJ and I’ll add you to the list. :content:

Of course she can come in the next incubation task :content:

This is for fun after all and to improve the incubation ability :wink:

Oh ok. :smile: You did answer my question though, so thanks! I saw that a person had to drop so I wasn’t sure about that situation.

(But ah… must. resist. competitive. drive. must. have. fun. instead.)

I apologize for the long wait, Wolfgame became much more involved and I lived a lot longer than expected :tongue:

I’ll open sign up topics for round 2 later this evening, but am considering a few rule revisions. (Mainly the voting, since that seemed to drop off very quickly last time.) I’ll post more about it later tonight though, when I have more time.

Why not have just one voting instead and give the one who recieves the most votes 120 points? (like that the challenge runs for 4 periods, then a single vote is made :tongue:)

Also, Im in both LC and VG15, but it wont stop me from being here too :razz:

I think a single vote is too little.

Hmm I’m thinking 10 tasks (2 a week, probably Saturday + Tuesdays).
2 voting periods, halfway (Task 5) and at the end (after Task 10)?

Votes should only include dreams DURING the challenge (from the time Task 1 is announced to when Task 10 closes), so I’d have the final vote AFTER that, probably give everyone 3 days or so to read and submit?