Optical illusion

Title was: Check this out!

Download and run this, its fucking trippy!:

EDIT: Link fixed.

I think he meant https://www.datordoktorn.kojv.net/program/lsd.zip :wink:

Ah yes, my mistake.

wtf, I cant use it, it says that [program file] cannot be used in MS-DOS or something

wow freaky that is really freaky

Mine says it is invalid or corrupted.

Thats Awesome!!! … how long does it take for the effects on your vision to go away… its been 5 mins and its still… im dizzy

:cool_laugh: Woah! Very cool! I wish it changed colors!

wow cool!!! the effect is to after seeing that spiral for a while still see it without being looking at the screen right?
or that wasn’t the effect with you all?

The effect that its supposed to have is that when you look away, eveything is supposed to be bulging and twisting and such. Seeing the spiral when i look away has never happened to me.

yeah… sorry… that’s what i meant…

I can’t run it :sad: I get the same error… saying that MS DOS cannot run it.

Can anybody please help?

Hey, isn’t this similar to the hypnotism test. If you get major distortions after staring at it, you are more easily hypnotised.

Hi All

I know the following might make me sound like a conman on a strange home shopping network but check this out


you know when you look at you hand in an LD, well this is what sometimes happens, the throbbingness, this thing I ofund makes it happen in real life by using optical illusion its so weird, many of you have probably seen this already, check it out!

  • Silva

Yeah, I tested that out as soon as I saw it and it’s pretty awesome. It messes up ur perception of reality for about 30 seconds.

Yeah I’ve seen that before. Only the one that I found was better.

I merged the two topics, as it’s basically the same optical illusion. Then this link points now towards this very thread.

Yeah Depercs is better, don’t just look at your hands, take a look around, it’s cool

I find DePerc’s to be a slight better too.

Wow, that’s so weird! It was like I was looking through smoke in the distance, but up close! It didn’t last for thirty seconds though - just five. But pretty cool!

Sweet! :razz: