Orbs...what do you think of this???

Well i clicked through some link somewhere on the forums (and wish that i remembered it! :cry: ) and then another link and made my way to this, which interested me:


What do you think of this? Personally, ive been around the internet long enough to have developed a skepticism, yet… :tongue:

Edit: whoops had an extra [/url] somehow…

Sorry but these pics look really fixed!




I think that orbs are real, but many of the pics (almost all of then ^^) are fixed. It’s sad that people have to put up faked pictures at something as big as this.
I mean, ghosts or whatever they are, are something pretty huge that we have to study more on. Maybe it will give us a hint on what happens after life.

Why is it that no one ever gets clear pics of these things?

Chromatic aberration. :smile:

probably dust particles or moisture"water drops" being lit up by some light source, which probably is the flash of the camera. Like when i took a picture during the night on some beach, i got a bunch of this so called orbs.

There is really nothing supernatural at all about this.

I dont think the majority of them are fixed, is just that they dont know/or lies about what these orbs really are. It can be small bugs, moisture or even just dust particles. The last picture of orb looks like it has been caused by some sort of bug.

Hahaha funny how some people always believe the most supernatural explanation in case they capture something out-of-the-ordinary. Yeah I stick with a more natural explanation.

If you bend over with your head to the ground and hold your breath in and shake your head violently and… well i think you get the pic…
then stand straight up realy fast and look at a clear sky, you will see tiny translucent dots moving around and leaving vapor trails…
I read somwhere that these images were considered to be orbs, but there is no logical explanation… and i believe anything is posible…ANYTHING

About those remarkable vapor-trails-leaving dots… some time ago I read something about them: they’re called floaters and are usually the result of fluctuations in density and flow of the vitreous (due to floating proteins or cells in the liquid), the central transparent substance which fills the eye. They can be induced by experiments as the one you mentioned. Floaters are normal, but in some cases, an increase in floaters can be a sign of a developping eye disease.

I remember seeing some documentary about some strange part that every car has. And apparently every car has this part even if it has no use what so ever and the manufactureres still put the parts in ever car. IRL there’s no such part in any car. Even really old car’s don’t have this part, in the documentary they started using this part at about 1920 or something.

hmmm, im confuzed…

JaRoD, whaat? :confused:

And about those floaters, I got them. See them all the time when I for example look up at the sky. Am I devoloping an eye-disease? =((

I have seen a documentary about those flying things too, I just thought that I would write about the car part. I forgot to write that they thought the part was evil and caused people to kill themselves, and if the car was destroyed in the accident they “evil part” always survived somehow by falling of right before the accident.

I just felt like I should post that because they both seem to be equally “strange”.

I agree with mystic and tomas view.
It shows lol that our believe is easely triggered on an associative way.
We see something and say wow that must be a ghost or an alien or a spaceship, in most cases prob pure association or hope for contact with the extra ordinary to break out of our daily routine.

As someone who has personally had experiences with those who have passed i do believe that orbs are genuine articles 2 out of 10 times.

Mostly they are just dust or even insects, but some are not. Those images are clearly not the real deal, the supernatural orbs don’t show up on normal film only through nightvision cameras as these don’t use flashes which don’t show up most of the misc rubbish floating around. (still cameras are never great for orbs as you catch just about anything)

The second one is reflected and out of focus light that could be a light source, sun reflection. The first one is not light reflecting, insect or dust. But i still don’t believe it to be supernatural.

But i have personally seen orbs that cannot be explained through normal earthly means and i do believe some of them are paranormal. Almost every body here should believe they are possible however for the following reasons.

A. They believe in heaven. (That place where dead people aka spirits go)

B. They believe in astral projection (where the astral body/consciousness sepurates from the physical) If you are caught correctly in the light during an AP physical people can catch a glimpse of you so it’s highly possible a camera may catch a flash of light energy which would look like orbs.

A real investigation will always test tapes and look closely at orbs over 80% of the time they will be dust or similar, but sometimes they can’t be explained.

Hehe, woa. Funny…

Well, jumping into the fray :cool: , id say that i believe in the possibility of these things. I mean, i havent experienced them but still do not deny them. Those pictures do look fixed, but does that necessarily mean that ‘therefore ALL orbs are fake?’

Basically, we cant prove them, we cant disprove them. By natural means, that is. There are a lot of things out there that cant be explained (as Dark Matter suggested) but the scientific community (rather than question and pursue it, being scientists) does not point these phenomena out to the public being like ‘woa what is this?’ but instead just kinda, forget about it or something. :tongue:

Then again its understandable. Most people need explanations for things before they think about them. Also, its probably hard to isolate and test it, not to mention the public’s reaction, government not liking such things…its a complicated world of knowledge, this era… :neutral:

Can someone explain what an ‘orb’ is meant to be?
If the things in the pics arent orbs… then what are orbs?

Real orbs look similar to those pics although they vary in size and shape.

Orbs are said to be the first stage of a ghost manifestation, although as you might have guessed by the posts here you really have to rule out more scientific explinations first such as dust, water particles instects. Once you’ve ruled all the possibilities then you could say the orb maybe of paranormal origin.

Personally i question the validity of the images above rather than the “orbs” on them.

Mybe the ord is, as Dark Matter pointed out, the first stage in a “ghost minfestation”, where your spirit releases the energy and later becomes an ghost.