Order a 13 Moon Calendar for your Home

[b]Dear Dreamers!

The Dream of Peace Network’s 13 Moon Calendar for the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year (July 26, 2005 - July 25, 2006) is now available for browsing and online ordering. Inspired by a dream of a Peace Train, our calendar is a collective affirmation of the power each of us has to seed peace in our own and others lives, by taking time to attune ourselves to the natural rhythm and magic of the universe.[/b]

[b][color=indigo]This is a full-size, full-colour A4 Wall-hanging calendar.

  • 13 beautiful artworks from artists around the globe for each of the 13 Moons
  • Learning material accompanies each of the 13 Moons.
  • Visible and written depiction of Dreamspell symbol and energy for the day
  • A fold-out legend which clearly displays the central keywords associated with the symbolic energies of the Dreamspell.[/color][/b]

[b][color=darkred]You can freely browse through the calendar or order a copy here:


If you haven’t already, you might also like to find out the energetic signature for your birthdate on the 13 Moon Calendar:


[color=indigo]Please take the time to check out our calendar, and pass the link onto your friends. Here in the first or Magnetic Moon of Purpose, it might also be an ideal time for us each to consider what seeds we wish to cultivate in our lives. What are our hopes and dreams for the year ahead, and how can we nurture them into flowering?[/color]

Nick Cumbo
Kin 123: Blue Rhythmic Night

Dream of Peace Network
“We are with the Earth for the Dream of Peace”