Ordinary dreams like ld?

Fellow dreamers, I had 4 ld up to now.

I can’t help to wonder: I say during dreaming that this is a dream and I begin to fly, make love, swim etc. but actually I just do what I had just planned before with MILD.

So I think, maybe I just incubated a dream where I say: This is a dream and I fly, and not become lucid. During the dream it feels like it’s my free will and brain, but after wakening it feels like an ordinary dream.

Does it make sense? Should I try/do something different?

I dont see your problem. You become lucid and do what you planned? That’s great, isnt it? The fact that after waking up the experience looks like an ordinary dream might have to do with your level of lucidity and/or your dreamrecall ability. Try to increase the level of lucidity in your LD if the first is the case; really think of what it means to be lucid, try to remember real life stuff, and do some random unplanned stuff, perhaps that could help.

If you knew it was a dream, you was lucid.

Think back to ten minutes ago. The memory - does it seem as real now as it did when it was happening? I’m guesing your answer is ‘no’ :wink:.

Like surreal said if you knew you were dreaming you were most likely lucid.

My definition of lucid dreaming is knowing that you are dreaming and understanding what that means. (Mainly that you can change and control the dream)

In almost every lucid dream I have the first thing I do is fly. I don’t even have to think about it I just do it out of habit. After a few minutes of flying I then get on with my dream.

Keep in mind that just because you are lucid that does not mean you have to control every detail of your dream. In fact, some times it can be much more fun not to as your subconscious can come up with some wacky stuff. You can just push the dream in the direction you want it to go in then just go with the flow from there. From your description that what it sounds like you did. You can test this the next time you are lucid by saying to yourself no I do not want to do this and change the direction of the dream.

Happy Dreaming