Orgasms in lucid dreams?

Has anybody ever experienced an Orgasm in a lucid dream? By that I don’t mean a wet dream or anything like that, I mean just the feeling of an orgasm or something similar.

Just wondering what it would feel like…

Not as far as I remember, I usually wake up when it starts getting interesting :cry:

But I guess it feels just like IRL

That used to happen to me but I discovered a way around it. Instead of having sex with people, try having sex with non living objects. When I did this I had sex with the kitchen counter and it worked and I never woke up.

:shy: lol

wait, how did you have sex with the kitchen counter? Wouldn’t that hurt?

It used to be when I had sex with someone it felt like I was humping a wall, maybe in real life I was banging my bed.

But I think I’ve had a few “minor” orgasms in lucid dreams, they are rare and take forever to get to.

I could depending on the mood of the dream. But i know from non-lucid sex dreams that i wake up right when it’s about to happen. I only think i have had one orgasm in a dream ever, but im not sure because i can’t remember it. I can only remember remembering it while i was in the dream, if you know what i mean.

You can do anything with anything. It’s a dream. :cool:

I remember one, i just realised im in a dream, then went to closest girl, had sex with her, in less than a minute there was a realy great orgasm…
too excitet I guess :tongue:

wow orgasm in LD…sounds really interesting!!

spacemint more details?? :wink:

Its happened to me :peek:

Feels just like normal…sometimes better.

Oh yeah, try the experience as the opposite sex. :razz: Veerrryyy interesting.

My Dream Characters will say I had an orgasm.


I faked it.

ExDee, I have done that before, but I woke up 1/2 way thru. It felt very strange :smile:

I have had just one sex dream. I was with a strange shaped and transparent girl. It was not great and I didn’t end it.

Haven’t had the chance - though not from lack of trying, but from some very un randy DC’s.

One of them just sat there and carried onwith her school work, ocasional smiling and brushing me off her.

Another one replied, ‘Oh no! that’s all anyone ever wants to do!’

And when I tried to make a lady apear when I walked aroudn the corner, I got a squirel instead…
Who about a minute latter attacked me and knocked me over…

I’ve (funily enough) masturbated in an LD. I on’y did it for a couplel of seconds before getting bored and wandering off to do more, but it felt (roughly three times) better than in RL.

But yeah, I’ve heard of people having organisms in LD’s. Sometimes better, sometimes not so realistic.

I haven’t had a real orgasm, but why do you need to? You can get a much better feeling even without orgasming… I don’t know how to explain it, it just feels very VERY good, but without an orgasm.

haha… i know how that is, if I make DCs have sex with each other they get really into it (because i’m exerting mind control and being like, a … pornography director with a camera attached to his brain… or something) but when I try to do them they just kind of sit there.

except for with Catherine, I stared at her, and thought “you want to do me, you’ll come follow me to my car and get it on, you want me bad” or something like that.

Now THAT worked, but I woke up pretty quick, or something.

My DC’s are usually very independant. I never know what to expect from them.

I’m gonna try that mind control thingy… must… have sex… in LD… :razz:

If you’ve never had a real orgasm, then how do you know what feels better/worse :eh:

LOL !!! :happy:

An expert dreamer said it was easier to persuade DC with a kind of telepathy than with arguments.

Most of the time i wake up, because i got an erection irl (LDs and OBEs).
I’ve had only one (halflucid) dream where i had sex for a longer time. :sad:

My first LD…a few nights ago I thought to myself “If I am dreaming then can’t I just have a spontaneous orgasm…WOW that felt awsome!” So yeah I actually decided to make it happen…and it did. But for some reason when I tried flying it only worked for a second and then I fell back to the ground.