Orgone-the life energy

Hmm very interesting.
I just bid for a purple pyramid orgone generator on ebay. Apparently purple is the color of the Third Eye chakra, and is the connector to the spiritual realm and self. I’m the only person to bid on it so far and the auction ends in 10 hrs. If I get it, I’ll let you all know how I feel about it.

So I won the auction for the orgone generator and just sent payment. Hope to have it by next Fri.


i’ve noticed mine definitely has an energy to it.

would like a pyramid and would like one that has amethyst in it.


Definitely keep one under your bed. Your dreams will thank you for it.

Also, don’t expect immediate effects. It needs to work on you for a while, and at first can almost seem painful to be around. It’s like detoxing, a painful process but the end is what you’re after.

i put the top of it against my chest because it hurt, and felt it send some good energy

its more subtle than crystals are to me, but also, it is useful

i gave it to a friend of mine and asked her what she thought, she held it for some time and didn’t say anything, and handed it back to me, and as she gave it back the energy was A LOT stronger, but her boyfriend scoffed at the idea because he thought it was just plastic (as it looks on the outside)

i have a ton of raw quartz i got from a trip to a mine a long time ago, and am spending some time with them

ultimately i think i like raw amethyst best, but it has to be soaked in water now and then for a few minutes, to clean it and amplify the energies.

You can find pieces online that include many various stones in them. Amethyst is a very common one.

The energy is very subtle, but it is working 24/7 cleaning the environment around it.

Yes it is :smile:

So i got it today.
Dont know what to think of it yet.
I’ll post something more tomorrow after i’ve been around it for a little bit.

It’s very subtle. Put it under your bed when you go to sleep.

what unit did you get LK?

Well my purple pyramid generator is definitely interesting. Just holding it, I can feel something about it, can’t quite explain. Holding it in my hand I can sort of feel something being drawn out of my body, like negative energy is flowing out of my body and into the generator, being cleansed. I don’t know what to think yet. It’s weird and I can’t quite explain it.
Not sure if it had any effect on my dreams, they seemed normal as always.

It’s weird. You are still probably being cleaned up by it so you probably won’t feel that great being around it. In a day or two you should feel different. Happier in a way.

I only have a couple of the muffin shaped ones. I want to get more.

having it under my bed is DEFINITELY doing something

i thought it was from my sun-gazing but realized the energy had a certain quality to it, that reminded me of the generator, and there i realized

quite a lot is healing!


okay I’ve had this for a long time

I can feel its energy aura set up and stabilized around my bed

my Q is, what IS this energy ?

there’s a certain greyness to it, it is very powerful, it is very clean, but visually in the inner-fields it seems as if its some sort of ET technology of not auspicious origins

useful but… not …

and I’m bumbling around wondering because I moved it to a recent GF’s place, she had a nightmare that night about a giant fly
and one day psychically i saw that it came from the generator
HOWEVER, even tho the mind told me immediately to get rid of it

i did not

and i know that partially what she was was the energy, the bad vibes, of her own home, and the gas range and its pollution

AND it made me see bright purple auras between our bodies while i was with her, which i do not see in my room, though my room has a tremendously large surface area so may need several purple generators for it to be properly saturated

is the negativity i’m seeing from the generators or is it from our environments ?

it feels good, different than crystals, but very strong and good.

the purple may have been from an amethyst cluster too, not from the generator.


Typically for the first while that you are around it you can feel almost sick. This is due to being exposed to something that is seemingly new to you. It also really shows the symptoms of healing.

I’m stumped as to your situation however. I will bring your question to some people who should have an answer, and I’ll get back to you.

my biggest question is, where are the angels ? how do i reach them?

actually Tesla was doing that work first.

I have had some experience with devices using Tesla coils that actually plug in and put off a field of qi. It felt like something to the frequency of yuan(original) qi which is non polar in nature. It was a neat gizmo. I am curious about these little creatures you guys are making I have seen pics but I have never encountered one.
In general though you don’t want to just be putting of qi. There is very much a science to utilizing energy.
It can be extremely unhealthy to just tonify or to just purge. Its good to have training to have they who, what, when , where, why and how. That said I would love to play with one.