Orgone-the life energy

Orgone is the name of the pure life energy that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the mid 1900s.

Orgone energy is in and around us everywhere in two different forms. The negative energy, DOR, or Deadly Orgone Radiation, which is extremely harmful and causes changes in emotion, stress, and various other things. The Positive Orgone Radiation, or POR, is the positive life energy that brings harmony. Today people can easily make orgone accumulators or generators. They gather all the DOR around, and amplify it back out as POR. They are marvelous to have in the home, or wherever you travel. If you put one in a garden, the garden (if treated properly) will bloom like you’ve never seen it. Relieves stress and lifts depression. They can be expensive, and come in different types, but you can get them for very cheap as well. You can also easily make your own. It is called “orgonite”. The energy sensitive can even feel the power of them just by looking at pictures.

A very beautiful set of various generators here:

To make it, you fill a mold with lots of metal shavings and pour in liquid fiberglass resin which eventually hardens. A crystal, or several crystals and various stones can be added for altered and amplified effects.

The DOR enters in through the bottom, ricochets back and forth through the matrix of the metal, also ricocheting from the metal (inorganic) into the fiberglass resin (organic). The energy is then amplified by the crystal back out into the air as POR.

These things are for real, and if you are at all spiritual, you must get your hands on some of this stuff.

That wiki article was definitely a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

not doubtful, i am energy aware

I made some of this stuff a while back… was a lot of effort and didn’t turn out as good as the ones in those pictures… i ended up buying some which look much better… i now have 6 pyramids and 1 holy hand grenade

interresting read …im not really sure about it , but it was …interresting :tongue:

@1move: Another python fan!

Got to say, good find… I’d never have seen this coming :wink:


You can find them on Ebay. Just search for “orgonite” or “orgone” and you’ll get a bunch of results.

Score-under: What’s all this now? This is getting very silly!

Very nice. Someone in my area makes and sells them. The “Tree of Love” pyramid picture I posted was one he made, and I plan on buying some custom HHGs and orgonite pendants from him soon. It’s an art.

score_under: what do u mean python fan?

i forgot to mention that with both the ones i made and the ones i bought i could sense energy when i put my hands near it… like a tingly sensation.

The term “Holy hand grenade” is a joke from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

ahh ok thx lizard king now i understand.

I don’t really get what the pyramid consists of.

That specific pyramid consists of the usual resin and metal shavings and crystals. It also has extra quartz crystals with coils and several stones. Pyramids tend to be the most powerful pieces you can have.

After receiving my orgonite, every night since then, consistently, I have been having extremely long, vivid dreams. This stuff is doing SOMETHING without a doubt.

Get some of this stuff, people. It can really help with clairvoyance and vividness of your dreams.

I don’t mean to be a partial sceptic, I mean I like the idea, but have you thought of the placebo effect? If you think it will do something, then it more than likely will. Such as happiness and determination can help your body fight disease, etc.

Other than that, it sounds like a good idea. I might have a couple of friends who are interested in this, maybe I’ll pick one up too.

EDIT: Reading this back to myself seems like I’m treating the idea badly, please don’t think this.

Well, even if it is placebo effect, what does it matter? As long as it’s doing something, then it doesn’t matter.

doubtless, putting 2 geodes by my head while sleeping has helped increased certain vividness

on a similar tangent, placing a gallon of distilled water with a quartz crystal in it, in a glass container in the sunshine for 1-4 hours (4 being maximum charge that i’ve noted some say 8-12) and drinking the water has a great healing effect, so does just sun

you can also use all other crystals that aren’t toxic or distinegratable in water for the effects of the crystals you seek.

Also they did some test where they put people near real orgonite and people near fake. Weeded out the chances of it being placebo. I wish I could find where I read about that test. Can’t remember much about it. :neutral:

got an orgone generator today

it definitely has an energy, not so much crystaline, but more to do with the metals used in its construction

was expecting it to be a strong crystal vibe, but seems pretty good indeed, will have to spend a lot of time with it to understand and intuit.

was only $6, so, if its really neat, I will guy a giant orgone pyramid generator at some point lol! :smile: