Original music in dreams

From reading other peoples’ dream journals, I know it’s fairly common to hear music in dreams. sometimes even original compositions. I was wondering if anyone has been able to write down in music notation something they had heard in a dream, but wasn’t a piece they recognized.

In recent dreams, I’ve heard:

a) In D minor, on cello: D D A - - F D -. (I’ve written that in 4/4 time. I might have misheard a 3/4 time D D A – F D - - - - -). That D is D2; it’s in the bass part.

In style, it vaguely reminds me of O Fortuna from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burna, although that has a completely different bass line (notes are C, A and D. if I recall correctly).

b) On a theremin, I’m not sure in which key, 3/4 time: X X X - X X.

I’ve been trying but so far I only played music once in my dreams and I wasn’t lucid so don’t really recall it good enough to transcribe :sad:

I do wonder if someone managed to do it

I suggest checking out the Fruits of Lucidity forum, where there are a few topics of people who have created music after hearing it in dreams.

I have preserved dream songs for long enough to write down a few times. Musical recording software can help a lot with this. Sometimes, the dream music doesn’t seem to follow any known musical scale though.

The thing is that music is forgotten easily if you’re not a musician/familiar with it.