origins of LD

well, I was thinking why some people naturally have LDs while others have to find idiosyncratic techniques to do them…
I´ve made a search IRL, and asked my sister( that has insane LD abilities) and told her to give me a very fast answer, so it could come from her subconscious , and she said
“give more importance to your feelings”
I thought that a little strange and gay, but after some meditation, I realized I am a robot, I suppress all my bad feelings, but also my good ones, so I started giving more importance to love, happiness, etc…
also, I asked my yoga master, and he said “when your concentrate, you seek the concentration, it´s active… when you want to meditate, or LD, you have to be open to it, but don´t go after it, just let it come…”
what do you think about it?? I had 2 LDs tonight and remembered tons of dreams, but don´t know exactly if these counsels made me have em

I don’t know exactly what effect emotional awareness has on dreams. Dreams have to do with emotions at least to some extent. It’s something to think about.
A passive approach to lucid dreaming, I believe has been suggested by Laberge in regards to the autosuggestion technique. You shouldn’t try to make it happen, but look forward to it happening sometime soon. His reason was that one would be disheartened if it did not happen on the same night you try the technique, and lose confidence.

thanks! maybe instead of trying several techniques, we could learn why some people have LDs every time and discover what factors lead them to this situation