Our (late) 2nd year anniversary? better late than never

:uh: Wow, things seems so busy lately that I have totally lost track of our anniversary. We are 3 months late! for our 2nd year anniversary!! :woah:
In May of 2002 we were blessed with this wonderful phpbb forum, and we have evolved into a large helpful and friendly community! Thanks everyone for making this place so special! :partying_face: :thumbs: :love:
Dreams really do come true! :content:

“Celebrate our 1st year anniversay”

* moogle time travels to May of 2004 to celebrate the second aniversary * :beer: :partying_face:

You’ve got a web site and forum to be really proud of pasQuale. :wiske:

OMG How could we forget??? :eek:

Congrats to everyone, and especially pasQuale!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

This place just ROCKS!! :thumbs:

oh yeah, I thought I forgot something. :tongue:

yay! thanks pasQuale!! :cool_laugh: :good: :love: :adored:

:partying_face: :clap:

and thanks for all the work towards constantly improving it! :wink:

thank you guys! blush :smile:

well OK this forum may have its 2nd year anniversary, but LD4all has its 8 year anniversary (if you count from the first version when it was still called ‘through the mirror’)

i have to look up the specific date though, it was somewhere in 1996 :smile:

and if you count the anniversary from when the first forum appeared on LD4all (the N54 forum, it is about 4 or 5 years - i couldn’t scroll back on the old forum way to the first message b/c N54 now insists you install something which i don’t want)

so in any case: Happy LD4all anniversary :happy:

i think it is good to set a specific anniversary date which we can celebrate each year :smile: For me the anniversary date is from the moment the first version of ‘through the mirror’ went online :wiske:

Thanks for giving us the summary of the timeline Q. :happy:

Maybe this should be our independence day!

Network54, eck! :panic: it only gets worse over the years. :no:
:blush: DA has bad memories when his full real name was used in a banner ad on N54

independence day is a good one, that was when ld4all.com was online :happy:

that would be the day the forum was moved over to ld4all.com :happy:

congratulations pasquale, and everyone who has made it this far with the forums! this site is where my lucid dream adventure started, i will never forget it! thanks to everyone!!!

:mrgreen_hat: :mrgreen_hat: :partying_face: :beer: :clap: :thumbs:

The oldest N54 post was:
Title: How long does the “how did I get here?” technique take?
Author: J.D.
Replies: 1
Date: Jul 2, 1999, 7:36 AM


Wow congrats on 2 year avv.! :thumbsup:

keep it up! :happy: :partying_face:

Q I’m always so grateful for that forum… it’s the best one I ever happened to surf to! Huggggggggggggg :happy:

Yay! Very neat.

So I wondered… OK, when did I start the wikibook? The original page I started during lunchtime at school on the 19th of January 2004, and by the end of the day it looked like this. The original forum post had been on January the 13th.

What, self-obsessed, me?

No, the wikibook is awesome, I mirrored it and made a little adjustment today!!!

Erm, back to congratulating Q. Congratulations, pasQuale! Come on, everyone think of how many lucid dreams you woulda missed had it not been for this great woman!!!

3months eh? I must have SLEPT right through it :wink:

note: why am i getting the email image ?

the big smile ( : with capital D ) image is showing as the email button weirdness

wow that is fantastic :happy:. Yer Q i gotta say a major thanx as well this is like the only place that i come now for dreams, it is growing so fast. One minute you are holding it close and then you blink and it has wings of its own…and using them.

hey i wonder do you ever feel like that sometimes? :eek:

Congratulations and thanks to pasQuale

:partying_face: :beer: :clap: :thumbs: :bow: :bounce:

Wie! :happy: Hmm, I’ve only been here for a couple of months. ^-^
This is the site that made me start LD at a serious manner. :happy:

a BIG thanks and a BIG hug to Q :cheesy: and all the others made made this community posible ofcourse ;]