The Young Lucid Dreamers

My first LD was when I was 8 and I was most active on this site when I was 16, so I know where you’re coming from.

You come from long ways. I didn’t know this site was active in 1999. :eek:
You should’ve stayed with your old account because I always look at the year the person joined the site and I always get jealous when its like 3 years ago. I should’ve known about this when I was younger.

Im 14
but i havent had any LDs yet :cry:
lol but im going to try again tonight.

Im 14,
Ive been lding for over a year now and have lost count of how many I’ve had but I’m going through a dryspell at the moment

Hey Im 14 and have been lding for over a year. Ive had around 10-15 lds though most of them have been very hazy without much control.

when we moved from the old n54 forum everyone had to make a new account so a lot of the original members have a ‘join date’ of may 2002
btw if you read some of the anniversary topics you will get some info about the history of LD4all
[Celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!)

[Our (late) 2nd year anniversary? better late than never)


[Happy 10 year anniversary LD4all! :D)

[Happy 11 year anniversary LD4all :D)

I’m 16… And a librarian!


thanks for the info moogle!

wow now i know theres a lot more teenagers. its pretty nice to know

Yep teenagers are everywhere…

*Liam looks around

Im 15, and since august Ive had around 30-40 LDS
3 in my first 6 days, and 4in a row in my first 2 weeks

That is pretty amazing. What technique did you use or how did you achieve those?

he’s just mega awesome hehe…/me thinks about becoming a librarian
i THINK i saw someone aged 58 once here … scatches chin

Thats amazing sanjman :eek: .

wow we have some pretty skilled teenagers here :smile: read my dj i updated it

yes we do :happy: … It seems like adults have more trouble achieve lucid dreams b/c they’re older… I read it somewhere on the forum somewhere

I guess its good that heaps of the users on ld4all are teens then

has anybody seen the “Lucid-Dreaming-Kit” because it looks pretty convincing but its prob. a scam, google it and tell me what you think even tho ill never convince my parents to let me buy it haha.

Ugh - I hate it when I see these kind of websites. They say it would work, so they have the person sign their name and have these quotes from people that are probably false anyway. Since I can’t find it on amazon it’s probably a scam.

i saw it , its a book and some sofware , (samsta send me the .pdf version of it but its freakin’ password protected and he only scarcely comes to chat ) prolly nice , but it claims quite improbable things …