The Young Lucid Dreamers

when we moved from the old n54 forum everyone had to make a new account so a lot of the original members have a ‘join date’ of may 2002
btw if you read some of the anniversary topics you will get some info about the history of LD4all
[Celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!)

[Our (late) 2nd year anniversary? better late than never)


[Happy 10 year anniversary LD4all! :D)

[Happy 11 year anniversary LD4all :D)

I’m 16… And a librarian!


thanks for the info moogle!

wow now i know theres a lot more teenagers. its pretty nice to know

Yep teenagers are everywhere…

*Liam looks around

Im 15, and since august Ive had around 30-40 LDS
3 in my first 6 days, and 4in a row in my first 2 weeks

That is pretty amazing. What technique did you use or how did you achieve those?

he’s just mega awesome hehe…/me thinks about becoming a librarian
i THINK i saw someone aged 58 once here … scatches chin

Thats amazing sanjman :eek: .

wow we have some pretty skilled teenagers here :smile: read my dj i updated it

yes we do :happy: … It seems like adults have more trouble achieve lucid dreams b/c they’re older… I read it somewhere on the forum somewhere

I guess its good that heaps of the users on ld4all are teens then

has anybody seen the “Lucid-Dreaming-Kit” because it looks pretty convincing but its prob. a scam, google it and tell me what you think even tho ill never convince my parents to let me buy it haha.

Ugh - I hate it when I see these kind of websites. They say it would work, so they have the person sign their name and have these quotes from people that are probably false anyway. Since I can’t find it on amazon it’s probably a scam.

i saw it , its a book and some sofware , (samsta send me the .pdf version of it but its freakin’ password protected and he only scarcely comes to chat ) prolly nice , but it claims quite improbable things …

It’s probobly not as good as they claim.
And i’m quite skeptical towards sanjman’s claims… :uh:

But we do have some pretty skilled teens here :tongue: And an awful lot of chroniclers…

seems like chroniclers are generally more skilled …

No i just mean like people are signing up
without really knowing what there doing. But thats just my opinion

:yes: I think that might be what is happening. For that product thing I’m just skeptical about it also.

I’m Lauren. I’m actually at school at the moment. In Commerce. Snooze.

I’m 16. I feel old compared to you guys. Anywho, I’ve had four LD’s so far. Haven’t quite mastered it yet. The majority have occured by accident - I suck at the WILD method. =]