The Young Lucid Dreamers

thanks for trying but i wake up at 2 (for me to do WBTB maybe i should wake up an hour earlier or something :confused: :help:

Most people here are teenagers, we should get more adults into lucid dreaming :tongue:

i bet theyill find this site a bit to “funny” :lol:

I could do my tech an hour later, so if your WBTB works and mine works…succession…

Hello, I’m 16. Joined the site about 2 months ago.
Didn’t now there were so many teenagers intrested in lucid dreaming :content:
About getting people more intrested in lucid dreaming isn’t that quite hard? Both teenagers and adults can be really sceptic. No offence.
I’ve tried to talk to 10 people about this. I managed to get 1 intrested.
(Wohoo, a small win! One more to the lucid side :tongue:)
The other one’s was either arguing with me or changing subject.
Sorry if I’m off topic.

perfect liam… whats your tech just wondering cause maybe ill try it too if i cant get WILD because im having trouble staying awake.

one other thing… if i wasnt at the island could you summon me there and still get me lucid because if my dream recall stays this way ill never remember if i got lucid or not :ack:

also on weekends i have a different sleep scheudle so who knows when ill be in bed but ill post here when i am.

Sure i could summon you there.

And my technique is : … highlight=

(I will try it tomorrow morning when i wake up, when your sleeping)

I’m 15 see not old at all :woo:

How come no-one whos a chronicler wants to be my partner :cry: :crying: :bambi:

I wouldn’t mind having two partners … :tongue:

Yay!!! and since we live in the same country it would be easier too!!!

but now were all totally off topic!!! and i’m excessively using exclamation marks!!!

Whats wrong with exclamation marks !

OK where should our meeting place be?

(There is a picture of me in the ld4all photo thing)

We should probably meet at sky island and we should really be discussing this in the chroniclers topic?


OK sky island it is :smile:

And I’m gonna go to sleep in a second anyway…

My first LD was when I was 8 and I was most active on this site when I was 16, so I know where you’re coming from.

You come from long ways. I didn’t know this site was active in 1999. :eek:
You should’ve stayed with your old account because I always look at the year the person joined the site and I always get jealous when its like 3 years ago. I should’ve known about this when I was younger.

Im 14
but i havent had any LDs yet :cry:
lol but im going to try again tonight.

Im 14,
Ive been lding for over a year now and have lost count of how many I’ve had but I’m going through a dryspell at the moment

Hey Im 14 and have been lding for over a year. Ive had around 10-15 lds though most of them have been very hazy without much control.