The Young Lucid Dreamers

Moved for Gen Lucidness :moh:

:content: I’ve noticed many people on this site are old (to me) and you dont see many kids on this website (13 and over) so i decided to create a place where we could all discuss our experiences with LD.

I’ve been trying to LD since september this year and ive been sucsesfull once so far with DILD. It only lasted like 20 seconds but to this day i feel proud =]. Read in my DJ for other attempts ive made. :shy: :tongue: (by the way im 13)

Hey, I’m 13.

I have had 6 LD’s since The end of April.

/me wonders how old Jake is really well… I’m -6 :razz:
EDIT : congrats to your 700th post kt4all !!! :twirl:

I am 14 (freshman in high school) and I’ve had 2 short LD and one long vivid LD a few months ago in September maybe or earlier.

yea im 13, and i should have my first lucid in a week or so, im on infinity

wow honestly i didnt know there were so many teenagers here :cool:


I always thought there were more teenagers then adults here.

oh well

yea, most of the adults are either librarians or super mods :razz:

first usefull post today :twirl:

I’m a global mod. But I agree, I am super.

I would say that the majority of people are between 13-18 here.

Moved this to the lounge since there is an inordinate amount of chatspeak :tongue:

I personally have seen a fair amount of young people here :yes:.

*Liam thinks…

I think sakoda is the youngest here seeing he is going to be born in 6 years…

anybody here in the Chronicilers because i think im the youngest there

and if you are will anybody be my partner for saturday i dont have one :sad:

I’m a Chronicilers, i will be happy to be your partner. :smile:

ok good! just a question… what do the partners do like do they help eachother get lucid or something because that would be near if you told me i was dreaming haha.

Well first of all one of you have to try and get lucid, then the one who is lucid should try to meet the other one. If you are successful try to get the other person lucid.

Kind of hard, or your partner could appear as an ordinary DC and tell you your Lucid.

would you have to know what they look like?

You tell them or show them a picture…

watch the videos to get an idea of what i look liek watch the SNOW (hey oh) you can see my face there and dont mind the horrible drumming =]

Your drumming is good :eek: .

Ok i think i have an idea of what you look like.

I can’t do a picture right now because i don’t have a camera on me and my hair has gone a bit… crazy :cool:

(I have brown shortish curly hair, brown eyes and I’m fairly tall)

ok. maybe this will work out after all. i know a SD might now be on your top prioritys but i will fall asleep tonight with your mental image on my mind.