The Young Lucid Dreamers

ok, thats seems also true , i mean jake only had one star when he joined (absolutly nothing against you jake :cool:

cellophane_flowers, i think i’ve seen your username before…

-Anyways back on topic-
I think its been shown that younger people obtain lucidity in their dreams easier than older people. So every young person here… keep at it and master what you got because it will be harder later on :wink:

OH MY GOD! kt4all is my age! happy dance nyah!
Tee-hee, I should stop. Meep.
I always thought she was older…
But kt4all, like, ROCKS! And she’s MY age! skips off, basking in 14 glory

Sorry, kt4all, I probably scared the ■■■■ out of you.

dude , its a HE , *shakes head * most in this age class here are dudes (or say they are hehe)

anyways , its a REAL shame i havent joined earlier like 2005 , i would be a LEGEND now hehe :twirl: (and i would be better at LD’s , i had some naturally , but if i would have been member then i would be MUCH better now …)

oh damn. Sorry, it’s been a while…
But he still rocks my socks. Sorry! backs away slowly, eventually turns and runs away sobbing in shame

:lol: no problem, you probably just got thrown off because of my avatar :content:
:cool: thats cool your my age … I was online at the time … I forget what I was doing…OH YA I was listening to music while playing on my DS Lite

Ya same here. I wish I joined in like 2004 and knew about lucid dreaming then. I would have as much posts as Moogle probably. I guess I didn’t take notice of my dreams back then :grrr:

i did, but i didnt find the site /wasnt looking for something like it :cry: :cry: :cry:
thats really sad i think :grrr:

i havent posted in a while… i heard about the youngeer you are the easier it is to learn how to LD. thanks for the info on the LDKIT i was just wondering because if he could teach peopel to LD in 7 days then why would he keep it a secret haha. ohh ive been having abseloutley no progress with WILD i think its because im either not tired enough… im too tired… or i need to adjust my sleep cycle because i either doze off or stay awake for hours waiting for SP :ack: <---- favorite emoitcon

im now starting to try FILD with WBTB now it seems like an easy tech that ive never tried :smile:

I had a fairly long LD with FILD.

The link to the FILD technique is in my signature.

I can’t take the credit for it. It’s from that Beetles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It’s probably been used before. I think it’s pretty.

thanks it was pretty useful can you give me some pointers? :mrgreen: :gni:

I only got it to work on my first try but I haven’t really tried it since then. I will try it this weekend. Just read the instructions they are crystal clear to understand.

kt, why do you fret over posts? You should really worry about your petit Ld count It’s not a comp :razz:

yeah i paid little attention to my dreams until a few years ago, and then i stumbled upom this site… :smile:

I find I usually have peak periods of LDs where around the edges of it I’ll have about 1 or 2 spaced out a little ways, and then all of a sudden I’ll have like 5 LDs within one week, and then it starts slowing down again.

I’ve only observed this pattern twice, though, so maybe I’ll break it this peak period. XD

I will work on the quests tonight and then have fun. D: XD

Im 13

and in 8th grade

Turning 14 next month :mrgreen_hat: :partying_face: :partying_face:

And can sombody help me try and think of a new name. I don’t like The Ninja Spud that much.

I want a cool one :cool: .

hmmm… maybe have it do with LD or a hobby liike mine was drummin…

:ack: Yes!