The Young Lucid Dreamers

ohh ohh ohh, i’m 15 raises hand
not for long anymore though grins evilly(is that even a word? XD)
nearly 666 posts lol

I recently had my 777 post :content:

NO! why can’t you be 14 but almost 15! i thought you were my age!
oh, well. sigh.

:lol: I turn 15 in march…what about you?

It only worked on me the first time as well. But whenever i wake up i think ‘I’m not tired enough yet just wait a bit…’ then i fall asleep.

hmm i see. I forgot to do WBTB last night but i had a pretty short but vivid dream. I geuss i had so much on my mind before i went to bed that i forgot to set my alarm :razz: But hopefully it will work tonight for my first try =]

i turn 15 in april! that’s so weird! :content:

I’m turning 17 soon, can’t wait :smile: i’m getting a new guitar!

What do you mean your part of the llama clan?

it’s my animal clan!

You were mistaken, your "in the animal clan, as a llama :razz: "

Hey guys! I just started the Infinity Program and I’m still on day 1 ( RC ) and its really mtoivating me. Has anybody tried this and had sucess?

I’ve done the program before. But I didn’t know I was supposed to do it for 2 weeks so I just did 1. I didn’t have an LD though.

oh. woops! :grin:

Im suprised people didn’t think there were that many young lucid dreamer, they seem to be everywhere.

Not only are there many young lucid dreamers here,

Look at all the animal clan members!! whoo hoo! :smile:

Yes, I’m glad I posted this, I was curious to see the average ages of the LD4all forum.

I think its funny that my recall has gone way up and since then nobody reads my DJ in the forum :tongue: it was wierd because when i was being annoying about losing my recall for about a week i got some comments and now that i have some pretty interesting dreams they all stopped :rofl:

What you do is complete the program. Then you do every day step for one week. It sorta guarantees you a lucid dream.

:confused: What/where is the Infinity Program?

BenDrummin58’s Guide to lucidity, Infinity

Perhaps i should try it, I’ve seen it before but i didn’t bother trying it.