out of body experience new inducing device

Hi everyone,

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I read on www.cnn.com there was an article on these news websites about a Swiss Doctor Called Dr Olaf Blanke there was this article back in september 2002 about where he was treating some woman for epilespy in a hospital, using electrodes that when stimulated would give her an out of body experience anyway he wasn’t trying to give her an obe he was trying to treat her for epilespy but the woman said she could see her body lying down on the bed.

Now i know we all know, infact that we can induce them completely by ourselves.

Anyway then i saw a documentary on TV on the discovrey channel where another scientist a neuroscientist called Dr Michael A persinger he used this device he created that is similar and it gave a feeling for what he called the ‘sensed Presence’. he says all that stuff like meeting god alien abductions are linked to how the brain interacts and this device seems to give that kind of feeling. the doctors says it happens when our mind is blocked from certain things and that kind of what happens when we induce it ourselves. anyway there are many stories we don’t have to believe anyone just keep an open mind on all things.

but what i am trying to say is by given you this history now i can tell you when i cam across this website www.spirtualbrain.com

anyway click on the shakti helmet it costs 250 dollars or they have shakti lite but i was hoping if anyone has bought this, i am thinking of buying one or if we could get together a group of 10 people and experiment with this that would be good. it is said to give you the sensed presence it has been based off the one michael persinger used in his labarotary test, the one of tv on the discovery channel documentary. and it is said it has presets to give you out of body experiences all kind of experience infact and it can be updated constanbtly through software updates.

but i am not too sure to order from them becasue i prefer going through an online store with secure credit card authorisation and it seems this website is only paypal i must check again, they have shakti lite which only costs 100 dollars but it is harder to use.

the only thing that concerns me i have read a lot of its articles and this guy talks a lot of things which sometimes i think
he is on heavy drugs and he says he has the rights to build this from the creator Dr Michael A Persinger and he says he is some neuro scientist and shows his credentials but if i could get into contact with Dr Persinger then i could verify if this is not some hoax, because when he talks about all these stories it just makes me believe in his article that he is talking weird things.

anyway i was hoping if anyone has bought from him, please check out his website thanks

Yep,i know all those stories.Even sent an email to Persinger once but remained unanswered:(
I didnt know about the helmet tho…thats very intriguing.If its true that its based on Persingers idea that would be a very very helpfull tool.
Very very good info,thx:)