Out of body experience, or lucid dream?

So I went to bed, and I was attempting some wild (it doesn’t work for me, but practice makes perfect :smile: ) I fell asleep (I guess), and all of a sudden I was awake in my room lying down in my bed, and suddenly I was spinning upwards towards the ceiling then I came floating down and I was in my bed with my eyes closed, and I felt like there was a sweatshirt next to me or something (it was strange). In my mind, I was saying increase lucidity! As I fell into blackness, but it didn’t work and I fell into another dream.

How can I control this more? And was it really a lucid dream (it felt so real!)?

You were probably entering a WILD, yeah. Some people call them OBE’s and think they are different things, other people think these are just two different names for the same thing.

Usually the hard part, for me at least, is getting that far, so congrats! I’d say just practice some more and if you get that far again try to stay calm and relaxed, but focused enough on the experience so you don’t enter a ND. Good luck!

It sounds like you got pretty far in WILD to me, although I don’t use WILD myself. I doubt it was an out of body experience as you were trying to do WILD (unless you almost died or something). Other than WILD I only think it could be wish fulfilment, which would mean it was practically WILD anyway, unless you were actually trying for an out of body experience/

OBE, Astral Projection, Lucid dream. Whatever.

If you WILD at the beginning of the night it won’t work. Try it again with WBTB, you’ll have a good chance of getting it now that you know the feeling.

@ Dreamergirl : Your description perfectly fits mine. It was the first time i tried LD pill. It was 5 AM and i was bit nervous after taking the pill. Aftersometime i gradually began to fall asleep and had a dream where i was in my lavatory and looking at other things. At this point i began to doubt whether it is a dream then lo, i fell in a black void, suddenly my body lifted and i could see walls etc and as my body rised and reached the ceiling i feared it might hit it and suddenly snapped back to my physical body. It was such an intense experience. Then had a series of NLDs where i had a dream of projecting myself. I can infer from my experience that it is radically different from a LD or WILD since it was without vibrations or buzzing sounds.

Well, regardless of whether you believe leaving your body is actually possible, an out-of-body experience, is the perceptual experience of feeling that you’ve left your body.