“Out-of-Body Experiences” (OBEs) and Brain Localisation

Researchers reported in Nature magazine how stimulating the right angular gyrus in a patient with a right temporal seizure focus with a 4mA or 5mA current, produced transitory out-of-body experiences (OBEs).
More information there :
OBEs and Brain Localisation

Thats good that they are actually doing something in this field.Article is kinda sceptical though,but i keep being optimistic.
Had some problems going through this medical/sciencific english and my question to more proficient in english people is:how can it be done at home?
I guess there are some voltages and stuff but i couldnt figure out what they mean.Additionaly…i must find that mystical gyrus,since i cant remember where is it located.I suspect it being on the side of the head.
Anyways…good article,but if one could translate some parts of it to english,would be nice
take care