Over-stimulation affecting dream re-call ?

Been having some trouble with dream re-call lately, and I’m starting to wonder, if over-stimulation is the coulprit, like say T.V., Music, or w/e

Basically about an hour to a 1/2 hr before I plan on going to sleep, I look into subjects that interest me, Cars, Manga, Anime, Tv shows, something I’d like to dream about, and just lose myself in the subject, usually to the point of when I was planning to go to bed, I’m still up reading or watching something and don’t want to stop, but do so to maintain a good sleep schedule.
( A recent example, I was reading Initial D manga throughly, getting the details and such, and finished just as I need to get to bed, and was thinking about the story until I fell asleep)

And I think that I may be getting over-stimulated from that, and it’s affecting both my dreaming and dream-recall abilities, I’d like to get opinions on the matter as well as any advice, suggestions, etc

All help is apprieciated

I also definitely tend to stimulate myself alot in different ways before I go to bed…
:uh: not in that way sickos!! hehe…
but yeah I read alot or watch movies or write or talk or whatever, and I find that if I just let myself go to sleep - my mind will be filled with that stuff until Im asleep, which is great if you want to dream of that stuff, but I also try to make sure I am doing some kind of LD or dream recall techniques in that time before Im asleep.
I have found that if I do a technique I will have a way better dream recall in the morning, vs if I didnt.
hope this helps?

Hi Kurei,

I think overstimulation completely depends on your personal situation. It might be beneficial for some people but maybe it’s not beneficial for you. You could try to not watch TV or read your comic books before you go to bed. And if it helps you you can draw your own conclusions.

What always helps is to keep a dream journal if you do that you see what works and what doesn’t work. Hope it helps.